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hare Krishna prabu ..why should we in fasting on ekadashi.. 

i want to know  in details. 

and finally "i cant able to stay on fasting". so what should i do.

and some devoties sed that we can eat the food which are not grains, like groundnuts,orai,milk,curd,fruites etc....

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  • Volunteer

    On Ekadasi. We dont fast from food or water.

    You only avoid eating grains like rice/wheat and pulses like dal/beans

    So, enjoy!

    Btw. we do on the other hand fast from committing offenses, (especially the 10/11 Namaparad), finding fault in others. Instead, do self examination on that day and find only good in others!

    We also do extra rounds of chanting. So, no fasting on chanting, Kirtan and Nagar Sankirtan. Do more, because there is a 100 fold benefit on Ekadasi when you chant the Names of the Lord.

  • Maybe we have to maintain the body/mind balance, and a certain food is destroying it. Also is important the quality and the quantity of the staff we are putting in our body.


    Ekādaśī (ekāhdaśī, "Eleven"), also spelled as Ekādaśi, is the eleventh lunar day (tithi) of each of the two lunar phases which occur in a Hindu calen…
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