Ekadashi, the moment of the time

Hare Krsna and Hari Narayana to respected acharyas and spiritual seekers. Pamho! 

all Glories to Sri Krsna and Radha Rani , who both spent eternal time in Goloka dancing to the tune of the transcendental flute. 

Ekadashi is a Vrat taken by all Vaishnavas in memory of the event of Ekadashi defeating the grain-hiding demon, MURA. pleased with her courage, Lord Vishnu granted a boon to her, only to have her wish that anyone who fast on this day would be rid of all their sins and Vishnu Bg. agreed. 

yesterday, the 8th of January, was the first time i fasted for ekadashi. 

having being into KC only a few months back, i decided to begin my KC lifestyle then. so, i started fasting on monday, at nine pm, malaysian time. since this was my first, i wanted to make sure that it was perfect. so , i consulted my Guru, Dr. Krsna Balarma Goswami, and after his kind advice, i began my fasting. i only consumed water from monday 9.00 pm to 5.45 am on tuesday, the 8th. after that i began my nirjala fasting, it went rather well, and i chanted the Vishnu sahasranama and shuktam a couple of times along with the Mahamantra. i decided not to even sleep last night to enjoy the spirit of the night. 

it was indeed a great experience to fast for ekadashi and i hope, with the grace of Krishna, i would be able to carry on till He calls me back to his abode. meanwhile, i must really increase my physical stamina to fast from one sunrise to another. Jai KC. thank you, Krishna for accepting me... I am coming back to you this life, for sure... mots of love, particle of dust, dev

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  • Volunteer

    yes, fasting is nice but when we do it in the association of Devotees than it will become far more easier. 

    The main reason of fasting is to save time and energy for spiritual things. As like someone may increase rounds, someone may try to do kirtan whole day or someone do other active services. For example, for Pandava Nirjala Ekadashi there was whole day kirtan here in Mumbai.

    So even in being at home we can invite few families and do kirtan together. 

    Your servant, 

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