Either Nitai Or Nothing.

“Svayam-rupa Krishnachandra does not give those whose hearts are polluted the power to realize His Gaura pastimes, which are meant for instructing all. Without the mercy of Sri Nityananda no one has the qualification to serve Sri Gaurasundara, to understand Him, or to attain love of Krsna.” (Source: Shrila Bhaktisiddhant Prabhupad’s commentary on CB 3.2.114)

In the above commentary Shrila Bhaktisiddhant Saraswati Thakur writes that if our heart is polluted than Krishna does not give us the power to realize His Gaur Pastimes.

Additionally, in Navadvip Dham Mahatmaya, Gaur’s Pastimes are described as the most appropriate wealth for the souls of Kali Yug.

ara eka gudha katha suna sarva-jana
kali-jive yogya-vastu gaura-lila-dhana

The important question is, “What is the use of wealth if one cannot use it?” If one has a polluted heart then even if one reads or hears the Pastimes of Gaur one will not be able to realize it as realization needs power and that power is not provided to us by Krishna in a degraded state. It is only Nitai who gives us the power to understand Gaur’s Pastimes even in a polluted state. It is only Nitai who enables to use this most appropriate wealth. Otherwise even if we possess it we cannot do anything with it. What to speak of enabling us to use this wealth, if Nitai’s mercy had not been there, then it would not have been possible for anyone to even attain this wealth. It was Nitai only who ordered Maya to remove her veil from the pastimes of Gaur.

badai dayalu prabhu nityananda-raya
gaura-tattva prakasila jivera hiyaya..20

"This unprecedented causeless mercy of revealing the Gauranga Nama-Lila Tattva (Spiritual Truths) in the hearts of all souls which was never before seen in the past was possible only because of most magnanimous desire and order of Lord Nityananda Prabhu."

tanra aagyaa peye maayaa chaade aavarana
subhakta pandita-gana paaya shaastra-dhana..21

"Accepting the direct munificent order of Lord Nityananda Prabhu to reveal Lord Gauranga's Name and Pastimes to the world without any further delay,
Maya, the illusory energy, lifted her veil which concealed Lord Gauranga from time immemorial, and the sincere and fortunate devotees could find the treasure of the verses glorifying Lord Gauranga's Name and Pastimes in the scriptures." (Navadvipa Dham Mahatmaya, Chapter 1, Text 20 & 21)

If Nitai had not ordered Maya, out of His burning compassion for the suffering souls, then nobody would have been able to even know who is Gaur. We get aware of our sambandh with Gaur-Radhey-Shyam by Nitai’s mercy only.

Furthermore, Shrila Bhaktisiddhant Saraswati Thakur mentions that without Nitai’s mercy no one can serve Shri Gaurasundar and no one can attain love of Krishna. Shri Gaurasundar is non-different from Shri Shri Radha Krishna. Attainment of service of Gaur-Radha-Krishna, which is the abhideya, the eternal duty of all living entities, is also impossible without Nitai’s mercy. The quest for Krishna-prem, the prayojan, the final goal of Bhakti, can never be successful if one does not receive the blessings of Nitai.

In short, if you cannot attain sambandh without Nitai’s mercy, if you cannot attain abhideya without without Nitai’s mercy, and if you cannot attain prayojan without Nitai’s mercy, then what can you attain without Nitai’s mercy? Nothing, but failure and falldown. Therefore, we must have an infinite amount of conviction that in realm of devotional service, there is ‘Either Nitai or Nothing.’

Worthless disciple of Shrila Nitaipreshthji,
Nitaimani das

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Jai Shrila Prabhupad


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  • Beautiful! Jaya Nitai! Nitai is the only Lord for the fallen! bhaja Nityanandam bhajan taru khandam niravadhi,worship Nityananda, the root of the tree of Krsna Bhajan, constantly! 

  • Dandvat Pranams prabhuji please visit Nitai.co or www.nitaai.com for more hidden nectar on nitai.
    • Haribol http://Nitai.co please join this community . You might will find something u may be hankering for , thank you dear prabhuji . please bless me , Jai Nitai.
    • E-Counselor

      Thank you Prabhu. I will.

  • E-Counselor

    Yes, you are absolutely ok. 

    Hena nitai bine bhai, radha krishna paite nai

    drdha kari dhara nitaiyera paya

    sei sambandha nahi jara  brutha janma gela tara 

    sei pasu bada duracara

    Narottam Das Thakur writes in this song, "If you are anxious to go back to home, back to God head, and become associate with Radha and Krishna,then best policy  is  to take shelter of  Nityananda. One who has not been able to contact Nityananda,then one should think of  himself that he has simply spoiled his valuable life."

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