Egyptians and Krsna :)

Just came across a few articles while looking for images of ShesaNaga that add the possibility that Ancient Egyptians worshiped Krsna :D



of course neither are far from authoritative pieces and they simply use comparisons to make the point, but it's nice to see Krsna in the ancient world apart from India ;)

(Note: both articles aren't very devotional because they use "demise of Krsna" or "death of Krsna" but if we look beyond that, there are quite a few interesting bits and pieces to learn about)

YS for eternity,

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    in the reality whole this Earth planet is called as Bharata Varsha.

    So it is true that there was Vedic culture all around the world and Hastinapur was a capital city.

    But this Vedic culture is going to be forgotten and that means Bharata Varsha is reducing in size. His Holiness Bhakti Vidya Purna Swami Maharaja told that by the time present India will be divided into small, separate countries. And only UP will remain as Bharata Varsha then Mathura...

    Your servant,  

  • The earliest Egyptians were those who fled in terror from India following Lord Parasurama's program of chastisement. Prabhupada has written that somewhere.
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      did not know that, thanks Prabhu!

      ETA: Found it ::

      Bhaktivedanta VedaBaseŚrīmad Bhāgavatam 2.7.22

      kṣatraḿ kṣayāya vidhinopabhṛtaḿ mahātmā

      brahma-dhrug ujjhita-pathaḿ narakārti-lipsu

      uddhanty asāv avanikaṇṭakam ugra-vīryas

      triḥ-sapta-kṛtva urudhāra-paraśvadhena


      kṣatram — the royal order; kṣayāya — for the sake of diminishing; vidhinā — by destination; upabhṛtam — increased in proportion; mahātmā — the Lord in the form of the great sage Paraśurāmabrahma-dhruk — the ultimate truth in Brahmanujjhita-patham — those who have given up the path of the Absolute Truth; naraka-ārti-lipsu — desirous to suffer pain in hell; uddhanti — exacts; asau — all those; avanikaṇṭakam — thorns of the world; ugra-vīryaḥ — awfully powerful; triḥ-sapta — thrice seven times; kṛtvaḥ — performed;urudhāra — very sharp; paraśvadhena — by the great chopper.


      When the ruling administrators, who are known as the kṣatriyas, turned astray from the path of the Absolute Truth, being desirous to suffer in hell, the Lord, in His incarnation as the sage Paraśurāma, uprooted those unwanted kings, who appeared as the thorns of the earth. Thus He thrice seven times uprooted the kṣatriyas with His keenly sharpened chopper.


      The kṣatriyas, or the ruling administrators of any part of the universe, either on this planet or on other planets, are factually the representatives of the Almighty Personality of Godhead, and they are meant to lead the subjects towards the path of God realization. Every state and its administrators, regardless of the nature of the administration — monarchy or democracy, oligarchy or dictatorship or autocracy — have the prime responsibility to lead the citizens toward God realization. This is essential for all human beings, and it is the duty of the father, spiritual master, and ultimately the state to take up the responsibility of leading the citizens towards this end. The whole creation of material existence is made for this purpose, just to give a chance to the fallen souls who rebelled against the will of the Supreme Father and thus became conditioned by material nature. The force of material nature gradually leads one to a hellish condition of perpetual pains and miseries. Those going against the prescribed rules and regulations of conditional life are called brahmojjhita-pathas, or persons going against the path of the Absolute Truth, and they are liable to be punished. Lord Paraśurāma, the incarnation of the Personality of Godhead, appeared in such a state of worldly affairs and killed all the miscreant kings twenty-one times. Many kṣatriya kings fled from India to other parts of the world at that time, and according to the authority of the Mahābhārata, the kings of Egypt originally migrated from India because of Paraśurāma's program of chastisement. The kings or administrators are similarly chastised in all circumstances whenever they become godless and plan a godless civilization. That is the order of the Almighty.

      • Haribol prabhu,

        Can you please let me know the verse from Mahabharata as said above where its mentioned that Kshatriyas fled to egypt coz of Lord Parshurama...!!!'

        Servent at His lotus feet,


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