Edited Bhagvad Gita

i have come across website which shows that Bhagvad Gita as it is by Prabhupadjee...which we read so devotionally was edited and altered at many places by his disciples.I feel so cheated and panicky.Can any senior devotee ...please counsel and address it?

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  • http://bookchanges.com/108-iskcon-bhagavad-gita-changes/


    108 ISKCON Bhagavad Gita Changes | ISKCON & BBT Prabhupada Book Changes
    Jayadvaita did not only correct typographical errors. He has changed many things. There are thousands of changes which are completely unnecessary, ch…
    • Hare KRsna, Prabhu Kartikay. Please accept my humble obeisances.

      I can understand what a blow may have caused in your consciousness such an unreserved attack as in that site. It is very good that you wish to consult with devotees you trust before coming to important conclusions. Yes, please be careful in making quick conclusions. Although it is indeed true that many changes are made in the SP books from their first appearance till now, one needs to understand that their first appearance was not indeed fully according to Prabhpada's dictations, so that the later changes by devotees were actually bringing the books to their original form. That is how far i have understood from my little knowledge about the subject matter of changes. That is how far i wish to say on this, but i can give you a link to see where there are deeper explanations of what was really happening. So i hope you will find it helpful for you. Ys YJd


      • thank you so much prabhujee....im relieved......Hari bol!

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