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    The Ill Effects Of Non-Vaisnava Foods
    By Kesava Krsna Dasa Here is a list of some effects of eating bhoga: (1)Makes the mind wicked. (2)Causes bewilderment. (3)Destroys clear thinking. (…
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    We cook food at home in order to offer to the lord and have a nice prasadam. While cooking we have feeling to serve the lord and thus food is cooked in pure consciousness and then offered to the lord, thus maximum time we should have prasadam only . In case you have to travel outside for any office work or so, as far as possible you should carry your food along with you.   

    In ideal situation we should avoid eating outside as far as possible. In very exceptional situation in case you have to eat food outside you can follow below steps.

     1. Remember lord before honoring the food by chanting Vishnu's name three times (Offering from mind as food is not offered to the lord).

     2. Make a specific request for food without onion and garlic, Jain kind of food is very popular in India and now a days few Airlines also provide as in In flight service. 

     3. Give preference to fruits and juices.

     4. While selecting the restaurant  give preference to Pure Veg restaurant.

    Ultimately Lord will see your sincere efforts in following the instructions and will shower his mercy upon you.

    Hare Krishna




    • Hare  Krishna  Harsh  Prabhu !  Your  response is helpful  for everyone .

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