E=mc2 (mass energy euivalence),where energy is converted to matter(mass) ,can be understood as per GEETA as ENERGY (SPIRITUAL )=E, converted to MATERIAL ENERGY=m ....which is taught in vedanta school of philosophy ......and its only the transformation of energy ........as per thermodynamics also energy can never be destroyed only converted from one form to another hence proved 

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  • transformation of energy also known as alchemy. This is the embodiment of all religion. Just for sake of your mission of book distributing, id personally say do not think of "them" and "us". The things in the gita are so profound it defies words, but separated it embodies them completely...not uncommon. :D:D *cheers*

  • very excllent example nidhi thanks.....can i add one things.....that the term C which actually denotes velocity of light in this equation .....can we give it a new term that C=CONSIOUS NESS OF KRISHNA.....and the 2(square) means again again in human life.........thanks plz dont mind if i am wrong.............thanks

    • HARE KRISHNA prabhuji  

      Thanks marvellous i mean it was just a crack from my side but you really did solve the complete equation in spiritual light :) .



      • do you like it? plz perdon me if i was wrong prabhu

  • :)

  • please see this post on this topic  http://www.bhagavat-sangi-sangasya.com/2013/11/e-mc2-in-bhagavad-gi...



  • "When I read the Bhagavad-Gita and reflect about how God created this universe everything else seems so superfluous." ~ ‪#‎AlbertEinstein‬

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