Dvivida the Gorilla


As all of you are aware, Jambavan and Hanuman appeared both in the Ramayana and Mahabaratha. A third such personality seems to be Dvivida. In the Ramayana, he is one of the Vanaras who fought against Ravana's army. In the Mahabaratha, Dvidida is described as a miscreant gorilla who is killed by Lord Balarama. My doubt is whether these two Dvividas are one and the same? If so, whether it would be possible for a Devotee who served the Lord in one Avatar(Rama) be killed in the next avatar? Especially when the other two devotees (Hanuman and Jambavan) also fought with Krishna but were later forgiven for their non intended follies.

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  • When was Hanuman Chastised by Lord Krishna, this is a new story. Please Clarify me, I know of Jamabavan encounter with Krishna.  I know one story of Hnauman, Arjuna and Krishna.

    But, I wonder Hanuman ever fought with Krishna.

  • hare krsna prabhu,


      this,is a very nice question, indeed that you have asked..

    one thing it can be seen dat even if hanuman and jambavan fought with krsna, in his krsna avatar. they were forgiven because they were devotees. they were unable to understand krsna as rama after 2000 years of time difference.

    krsna says this in the BGita " na me bhaktya pranashyati " ( my devotees never perish).

    the thing dat dvivid gorilla was killed shows dat he was not a devotee. and the dvivida of ramayana serves sri rama(making him a devotee) .

    the contradiction itself shows dat the 2 dvivids were different.

    (ramayana(dvivid) was a VANARA and the mahabharat dvivid is a GORILLA) being 2 different specie of monkeys.

    o hope this is the answer to your question..

    thank you !!

    • Hare Krishna YASH SHAJI,

                                           I thank u for your lucid and speedy reply. Another query on the side lines, if permitted. Am I right when I say that a Vanara is a type of LANGUR MONKEY?


      • Hare Krsna R.Arvind prabhuji

        dandawat pranam _/\_

        Killing of Dvivida Gorilla by Lord Balarama is not an ordinary killing but its the deliverance of that gorilla. It is all the mercy of Supreme Personality of Godhead on him. This shows that He might be a devotee in his previous birth otherwise wouldn't be killed by God.

        Srila Prabhupada and other acharyas explains it very clearly that fighting and then forgiving Jambavant and Hanuman ji by Krishna is all the Krishna's pastime. Krishna sometimes like to have a taste of martial art. For that purpose He chooses His own associates like Hanumanji and Jambavant. We must not think that they were offenders but all happens because Krishna wanted that.

        Prabhuji, Langurs are one of the kind of Vanaras. There are many kinds of Vanaras. Vanaras means apes.

        your servant

        Ashish Sharma

        • Pranaams Ashishji,


                                 I thank you for your kind clarification. I also request you to read the reply given by other members. that is also interesting.

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