Duryodhan told krishna.......

Hare Krishna

please accept my most humble obsessions!

2 days ago i was went in ISKCON. and one prabhuji told some another prabhuji that one time "duryodhan told krishna that i know everything about dharma(Niti) but i can't follow that. and also i know everything about Adharma(Aniti). but i also can't leave that.

my question is that in this world in this 21st century also most of people are like duryodhan. ri8........

they know everything about dharma but by some scientific circumstances evidence they can't follow Dharma(niti). and they do same mistakes again n again.

for example, we all know that we shouldn't have to speak lie. ri8...... but some time we have to speak lie by scientific circumstances evidence .

but why we do this? why this type of situation is happened?

please write the ans for me.

hare krishna

Your servant


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  • In Bhagavad Gita, Arjuna asked Lord Krishna, why some one sins even he knows it is wrong. Lord Krishna says  that It is only because of Kama, our material desire, lust. and lust exist in our senses, mind and intelligent.

    Bhagavad Gita is solution to all our material existence

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    Hare Krishna dear Devotees, please accept my humble obeisances! all glories to Srila Prabhupada!

    also some people do not have knowledge because of that they do not follow Dharma. Because of that when we preach and reach the hearts of people who are in ignorance then they will accept this knowledge  and purify their lives.

    it is considered as a great violence:  TO KNOW THE TRUTH BUT NOT TO SHARE IT WITH  OTHERS.  

    Your servant, 

  • Hare Krishna Mataji... Please accept my Humble obeinces..

    That all happens because of "Dehatma Buddhi". One thinks that we are this body and he gets attached to all the things related to this body. In order to save those things one has to "Lie". If One is Greedy, Lusty, Angry and Hateful then these dirty qualities in one's heart would make him act on "Dehatma Buddhi". And being practical everyone of us have these Anarthas in our heart and therfore everyone that we see is naturally doing "adharma" and best part is most of them know what "adharma and dharma" is.... People are so much concerned about winning a particular competition, passing their exams, getting a job, getting a woman, getting a promotion, securing their job. While doing all these things people are not much concerned about maintaing thier integrity and values. Therfore HH Radhanath Maharaj says "that winning the game of life means living with once integrity". Therefor in Iskcon we teach people to live with some values and integrity. If we are somehow able to provide this real knowledge to everyone and also show it from out example then the whole world will start following it. And as HH Radhanath maharaj says...."these adharmi people will come to you whenever they are in trouble because they know here is the man with integrity."
    So let us live our own lives with Vedic values and integrity and motivate these "adharmi" people with our example....

    Thank You
    You Servant.

    • hare krishna sagar prabhuji


      thank you so much for sharing this type of knowledge

      thank you once again

      hare krishna

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