dream of shri krishna

today morning i have seen a dream of shri krishna baal swaroop. i saw the blue coloured full shiny body lord krishna was about 7 years old resting in vishnu aasna. I then went near to him and he was smiling and trying to make me understand something. please assist me to solve the mysterious krishna. hare krishna

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  • Actually I don't see this big Thing * around "Self Realization" W e know with a little Strech, a yhon & a Smiling-disposition, The HeartChi" will open Heven's Gaits.We know this happens in ShortOrder -Even Sooner with the use of MANTRAS. We also need to have-this divine-help that we Summon thrugh Prelude, Protocol & Prear. So the real "Self Realization is -
    "that We mort als need the Immortals. Or become* overly berdoned by our offenses.
    The practices are key.
    Thank you for your Share.
    "The Smile, begins at the corners of the Eyes & progresses to the corners of the mouth, which gradually opens' asNot to alarmOthers" Om TaT SaT
  • Hare Krishna Shekhar Prabhu ji .

    i am also from Mt. Abu , Rajasthan .

    i would like to tell you that in this Kaliyuga , Bhakti Yoga is practically the only way for Self Realization and God Realization as well .

    Please do not go on the path of Gyan Yoga ; because it will lead you ultimately to Param-Brahm Jyoti . And after frustration , the spirit souls have to come back to this Mortal World from that imperfect spiritual destination .

    By practicing Bhakti Yoga sincerely, one can very quickly realize oneself as well as God or Krishna .

    Beyond the temporary Mortal World of universes , there is a spiritual sky ; where there are infinite Spiritual Planets which are all permanent and full of knowledge and bliss . Try to attain that supreme destination .

    For more information read www.prabhupadabooks.com and hear www.prabhupadavani.org 

  • actually i cant get into the devotion. i am seeking for self realiation for about 7 years. and shri krishna himself told in geeta that main ajanma or avinashi swaroop hote hue bhi apni yog maya k adheen prakat hota hu. or jo mujhe bhajega wo sirf mujhe prapt hoga or m ajanma or avinashi swaroop hu... then i found ki my bhakti and conscious is for the ultimate creator krishna who is ajanma or avinashi.
    • and repyling to your answer that i m not finding any purpose after self realisation. i dont know what would i feel after self realisation. i just only want to know who i am.
      • E-Counselor

        Hare KRsna Prabhuji,


        When I read your post, I feel you are just ready to embark on this journey. I have answers to everything you have mentioned.

        THe question - WHo Am I? is the beginning of self realisation. When we realise that the purpose of life has to be more than merely eating, sleeping, mating and defending, that animals also do, then we start on the path, then we question, who am I? What am I doing here? What is the purpose of my life? 

        Creator is one prabhuji, He is saakar (with form) and niraakar (formless) at the same time. This is what I was explaining - Brahman realisation - when we feel God is a light, He is nirakaar, We are actually seeing the effulgence that comes from the lord, Brahmajyoti and think this is the Supreme. Actually, the supreme is a person behind that light. Its like seeing a view from an aircraft, then seeing from rooftop, but to meet the person, one has to enter the room and see face to face. THese are the 3 levels of realisation - brahman, paramatma and bhagavan. All are right. Thats why we gaudiya vaishnavas say God is nirakar as well as sakar at the same time. THis is the achintya bhedabhed philosophy propounded by Lord Chaitanya Mahaprabhu. 

        The thing to understand is that we are not this body, we are the soul that resides in the body. Each of us is immortal. The mortal world is temporary, the immortal is the soul and the supersoul. 

        God is anant - this is also mentioned as one of the characteristics of God in GIta - Ch 2.

        Where are you located prabhuji? Maybe I can help you connect with some devotees there.


        Your servant,

        Radha Rasamayi DD

        • thank u for your kind assistance. i live in Pragati Nagar, Kotra, Ajmer, Rajasthan. 

          I would like to continue my conversation being curious, please assist. 

          i dont feel that anything light like entity is to authenticate the presence of god because the sun, the moon the stars and the million of galaxies are created by god. 

          the question is that what to realize?  God or Self?

          the god exists everybody knows it. no forms are required to see god like things.

          i am seeking for the truth for many years. i tried and tried.

          bas jaan ne me aa raha hai maan ne m nahi aa raha hai.

          • E-Counselor

            Hare Krsna prabhuji,


            I am also originally from Rajasthan, though we dont have family there anymore. I have visited Ajmer dargah, had mirchi pakodas there, visited the Brahma temple, stayed overnight. 

            I am also interested in continuing our conversation. 

            OK, if you think there is no "light" entity, but you think God is niraakar, formless.

            Your question re whom to realise - God or self. Its like this - if you realise God, then there is no need to realise self, because we are part and parcel of God, a small subset of God. Hum unke ansh hain. If we realise self, then also we will understand that we are part and parcel of God, and we have a relationship with God, which we have forgotten and need to revive. Both will lead to the same result.

            God exists and has a form, as per authorities. Anyways, at this stage, I dont want to get into form or formless. Let us first agree that God exists, then we will take it forward.

            It is because you are seeking truth that you have come this far. 

            I can show you the path forward. It is upto you to walk on it or not.

            PLease tell me more about yourself - whether you are a student, family man, what work you do.... etc so that I can give more personalised direction.

            Re - bas jaan ne mein aa raha hai, maan ne mein nahi - yeh to apne pichle janmo ke anarth hain. Inko dur karna ke liye 2 cheeze karni hain - agar aap maane. To translate - you mentioned that you are getting knowledge, but not able to accept it. My reply is that this is because of past life anarthas. The way out is to do 2 things if you agree - 1) Chant Hare Krsna Mahamantra, min 4 rounds daily, for the next 6 months. This has to be chanted without fail, every single day for the next 6 months. 2) Read Bhagavad Gita As It Is in a language of your choice everyday.

            Do this for 6 months and see the difference yourself. If you think you wasted your time, you can come and kill me, I will not object.

            Please do write back. I will wait for your post.


            Your servant,

            Radha Rasamayi DD

            • hare krishna,
              I have studied Bachelor in Computer Applications and after that i Have Done LLB.
              since 2013 i have been working in Electricity Board, AVVNL.
              I am 26 years old and not married.
              i would like to share my past experiences, that i only shared with Aacharya Satyajeet, (A Spiritual Teacher from Arya Samaj).
              when i was in Final year of my Bachelor Degree, in 2011, I saw a dream of Maa Durga Temple at hills and i went near to her statue, then suddenly my mom made me wake up and i forgot the dream.
              After some days one my friend and me accidently visited the temple of Maa Durga in one of hills in Ajmer. That time i found an attraction in her statue and wished to visit once again sometimes.
              after few days again i visited and found myself more attracted towards her. now the time came when i was totally attracted towards her, i used to talk with myself that whats going on? i found myself some kind of force of deep love towards her. i could not understand whats going on? It was like the same when i once attracted towards a girl in 2006. i lived almost 3 months in full of love, peace and happiness, it was like a bhakti yoga. i used to talk with the statue like she is listening to me. for almost 1 year on daily basis i used to go that temple in any condition, i never broke my Niyam.
              once i heard the Ghanti sound when nobody was there in temple about 9 PM and i frightened. then after some days i pray (asked) her to assure me that i will get the girl in my life whom i love so much and for the assurance i prayed her to give me an indication so that i can assure that you are going to give me what i asked. i asked her to put the flower in her hand on the ground if she is listening to my prayer and if she is going to give me. i was standing in front of her statue for like 20 minutes and found no reaction from her statue. i suddenly found all my love, attraction towards her was not true then i started crying and went back, i was feeling the worst day of my life and suddenly thought i should go again near to her, then i came back near to her statue and found that on the instant moment i came towards the statue, the flower falls on the ground. i wondered, and found the miraculous goddess in front of myself. i was in tears of faith and so much love towards her because i was having the moment when i assured myself that maa durga is listening to me. i cried also because i thought why i have asked maa durga to do this for the assurance of her presence.
              after some days i started to think that ultimate creator is everywhere, he is in the form of all whether is lord shiva, vishnu, brahma, maa durga, saraswati and so many forms of lords. whatever the happening in the wolds is from the unknowing source, i started to call the unknowing source as the GOD and gradually i found myself less attracted towards the statues and god goddess.
              After that i read so many god like scriptures like bhagwad geeta, ved purans etc. and found the bhadwad geeta only the scripture which liberates us. i have read bhadwad geeta so many times and found everytime proving my experiences towards god like entity. i am saying by the egoistic feelings but i assure you that in bhagwat geeta, the almost shloka i could describe in the same meaning as the shri krishna wants to says. i would like to describe any shloka asked by you also.
              I have listened to Sh. Kripalu ji Maharaj Pravachan so many times, i found him the great in simplify the meaning of god, but his teaching is for the bhakti yogas and surrender ourself into the ultimate creator lord krishna. i agree with his concepts but no sure that bhakti is required given by guru for self realisation. my only point is the human being itself is capable to find the truth by the given intellect, then why not find from his own logics.
              and after so many years i found that after getting more and more close to the truth, it will leads to you towards the self realisation.
              and you would happy to hear that i also chants hare krishna japa at home but not on regular basis. it started because when i went to the kumbh fair in ujjain, i visited the isckon temple in early morning and had a hare krishna japa there. after that i liked to call my ishwar by japa of hare krishna hare krishna krishna krishna hare hare, hare ram hare ram, ram ram hare hare.
              i think i have taken so much time of you, i feel gratitude towards your assistance. i really feeling happy by sharing my experience with you. accept my greetings please.

              • E-Counselor

                THank you for sharing prabhuji.

                Ppls do what I have suggested - chant mahamantra 4 rounds daily, it will take half an hour of your time, and read Gita everyday for 6 months. You will feel teh difference.

                In that period, you can come to this forum and ask whatever questions come to you, or what you cant understand in Gita.


    • i found that there are two forms of creator. one is saakar and one is nirakaar. saakar is time bounded and nirakar is timeless. the mortal form of life has the limited love happiness anger etc. kind of emotions. and i wanted to attain the condition which never changes, then i found that there is no any mortal thing that is always exists and available for all at the same time. then the question comes when no any mortal thing lasts forever for everyone, then which is the thing we need to attain, then i found this should be an immortal thing. and then i found in geeta in which shri krishna himself said his original swaroop is immortal.
      one day i named my god as 'ANANT'. AND when i want to show gratitute towards the god, i always say 'hey ANANT' only.. hey anant
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