• Scriptural lesson not put in to practice is a poison because if you don't apply it it will create ego in you that i have so much knowledge, it may make you hardhearted it will become a burden. Scriptural lessons are not theoretical, real scriptural knowledge comes only when you do the practicals, otherwise it is not knowledge at all

  •  "Scriptural lessons not put into practice are poison; a meal is poison to him who suffers from indigestion; a social gathering is poison to a poverty stricken person; and a young wife is poison to an aged man."

    As per my understanding it means Half knowledge is dangerous.

    You may read a scripture thoroughly but if you cannot bring it in practice in day to day life what is the use of it.  You remain the same. 

    Let us say you learnt car driving by reading it manual and guidelines how to use break how to use the steering but you don't know where is actually break pedal is or where is accelerator is and you started to drive the car? what will happen?

    instead of break you will end up applying the accelerator and land up in grave. Is it not dangerous?

    You read the story of Abhimanyu? He only heard half of the yudh .how to enter the chakravyuha and didn't know how to come of it.. when he was in his mother's womb. What happened? he was killed mercilessly at the hands of enemies.

    Reading Scriptures is good it improves our knowledge, understand Lord's pastimes, but after reading it is now time to practice chanting. 

    If you don't practice what is given in books like follow all the regualtive principles ( minumum requirement) 1. stopping gambling., 2. stopping eating non-veg 3. stopping from taking and others ../coffee tea or garlic onion. 4.stopping urself from ilicit sex . What is the use of reading 100 times a scripture also? When the scripture didn't have any effect on you couldn't change you.

    Infact for justifying one's action one may even change the  real meaning as mentioned in Scriptures and that is why we come across so many un authentic versions of Gita.

    How is it dangerous you may ask. ..the person is risking one's own life not knowing completely what is there in Scriptures and not putting it into practice. Human life is rare birth, If you risk this birth there is no possibility that you can get another human birth..Right? in a hog or dog body you wont even have this chance to recite once also the name of Sri Hari.

    It is better to be completely aware of the scriptures and put them into practice to ascend to higher births or get liberated from the cycle of births and deaths in one life itself.

    Hence practice sadhana ( chanting) is the next step after scriptural reading.. and then stopping ourselves from all those restricted things to attain liberation. 


    Hope it is clear

    Hare Krishna.

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