Hare Krsna to all devotees,

I am a beginner.It is said that if we follow scriptures and apply in our life, we will reduce our sufferings and miseries..Just now was reading the Manusmriti online.. at the same while reading it....I found out Parasara  Smriti.. It is said that this scripture is relevant for people in Kaliyuga and Manusmriti was more relevant for people in Satya Yuga. Is this true? 

I am confused which scripture to refer to? As to what is Eternal Law and which is the right one?

Please guide me here..

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    mataji please turn towards this dicussion page:

    Harshikesh Bhattacharya Prabhuji has provided excellent links 

    • Hare Krishna,

      Thanks Prabhuji....for the suggestion.

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    Technically you should only refer to the Srimad Bhagavatam because that is the essence of all Vedic Knowledge and from the Srimad Bhagavatam one learns important lessons. 

    Then you refer to the Gita to follow your duties and tasks, how to live in the material world yet follow a spiritual path

    Finally, the Chaitanya Charitamrta - the life biography of Sri Krsna Chaitanya Mahaprabhu. a perfect example of how to live a life as a devotee. 


    Now I have only read a few tidbits of the Manusmriti and a quick browse online of the Parasara Smriti, but yes it is true.

    In the Parasara Smriti:


    Meaning- Manu Smriti was most relevant in Satya Yuga. In Treta, Smriti created by Gautam had most relevance whereas in Dwapar, Shankh's Smriti was mostly recognized. But in Kali Yuga, it is Parashar Smriti that by and large shows the way to the ignorant people.

    I had to read parts of the Manusmriti for a college class and what was mentioned in there was for an ideal society based around dharma. 

    From the Mahabharata, when King Parikshit met Kali on the banks of a river (Saraswati?), Kali was about to chop the last leg of a bull ... but of course Parikshit stopped that from happening... Parikshit then said to the bull, ‘You are indeed (the personification of) Dharma. Your four legs are Purity, Austerity and Charity. You are now standing on Truthfulness alone, and this too, Kali was about to crush’.

    My opininon thus would be that each age has a specific set of eternal laws meant specifically for that yuga. They are all correct in their own respective sense, but again I highly suggest to put the law books down and just focus on Krsna Bhakti because that's our true path to liberation and eternal happiness! Krsna is the ultimate truth and thus the eternal law. If we follow what Krsna says in the Gita, we are following the eternal law. For answers that are not in the Gita then we turn to Sri Chaitanya Charitamrta and the Srimad Bhagavatam to guide us. As I mentioned before, the Chaitanya Charitamrta is the life biography of Krsna himself appearing in this material world in the mood of Srimati Radharani to set the Yuga-Example of how to be an ideal devotee. The Srimad Bhagavatam also includes many lessons we can learn from and apply to our lives even in this Kali Yuga. 

    To end on an appropriate note: 

    Harer Nama Harer Nama Harer Namaiva Kevalam Kalau Nasty Eva Nasti Eva Nasti Eva Gatir Anyatha

    “In this age of Kali, there is no other way, there is no other way, there is no other way for spiritual progress other than the chanting of the holy name, the chanting of the holy name, the chanting of the holy name of the Lord (Brhan-naradiya Purana)”.

    And this is the Yuga-Dharma for this sinful age of Kali

    Welcome to Krsna Consciousness, the fun has just begun :D

    • Hare Krsna,

      Thanks for clearing my doubt..But my doubt still persists....I wanted to know eternal laws and code of conduct for both man and woman which we can refer to in times of confusion. The reason for asking this is, I am getting married in a month. My parents fixed this match for me and he is based in Singapore. I wish to be a true wife to him, totally devoted to him, chaste...throughout my life till death. After reading Ramayan, where Lord Ramachandra had taken the vow of one wife, the same I feel my husband should also right sense...He should love only me throughout our wife and not look or mingle with other women. The same applies to me, I should love only him throughout our life. My husband is not a devotee but I plan to make him one in future. So for all my these thoughts, I need a scriptural reference to see whether I am acting rightly or not. Lastly, I wish to follow and apply scriptures in my life in true sense in this Kaliyuga.....I do not wish to commit any sin. Please guide me here......

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        here is Manu Samhita - eternal laws for human beings both men and women

        Please find time to listen them dear Gopinath Mataji!

        Your servant, 

      • Hare Krishna Mataji,
        PAMHO !! AGTSP !!

        May Krishna bless you with a loving husband and may you have a blissful marriage.
        The Code of Conduct can be known through 'The Bhagavad Gita' which is said to be 'Saare vedo ka saar'
        In BG The Lawmaker, Our Supreme Father, Shri Krishna himself tells us the laws. So you will get all the answers of your life in BG itseld. However to understand BG you need Senior Devotees Help.
        I will also recommend you to read Srila Prabhupada Books
        1st  - On the Way to Krishna
        2nd - Perfect Question Perfect Answers

        3rd - The Science of Self Realisation
        and simaltaneously you can read Bhagavad Gita.May Krishna Bless you with eternal bhakti !!
        Your servant

        • Hare Krishna Prabhuji,

          Please accept my humble obeisance,

          All Glories to Srila Prabhupad,

          Thanks for your kind reply. Will try to read the books you mentioned above.

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