Donating Old Law Books to Devotees in Hyderabad

I wish to donate law books to devotees in hyderabad who are in need. 

ONLY If you are a student, contact me via the comment link in this website and I shall arrange a meeting time and location...

Only two books per individual... Here is the list of available books

Bring your student ID card... If you can buy, please dont ask. I dont want to waste my time with frivolous requests... I hope you understand.

Hope this helps.

Or if anyone knows where I can donate these old law books at once, please let me know.

Hare Krishna.

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  • E-Counselor

    Your idea is noble. However,if you do not find any right poor devotee- law- student,I suggest you to sell those material law books in any refurbished Book store and get whatever money they give you. With that money, buy some Srilla Prabhupad's books--Science of Self realization, or Bhagavad-Gita. Sell or give free to college going students. One day these student will become devotees of Krishna in due course of time. Thus you will be benefited unknowingly.


    • good idea... but I dont want to sell them for pennies... I found this... 

      So, I will just give these to them.

      • E-Counselor

        Look, you are not asking money for your sense gratification;rather,you are taking money for Krishna's service.

        My spiritual Master H.H. NY Swami Maharaj once told me," Never ask or beg any one for money for your personal expenses; however, you can ask or beg for money for Krishna's service. See, in old good days, the disciple had to beg alms for Guru and Krishna's service. This is called Madhukari. Whatever the disciple gets on begging,he has to offer everything to his Guru. The bonafide Guru utilize all these things in the service of Krishna.  If Guru forgets to call the disciple to eat his lunch prasadam,the disciple has to stay hungry on that day.This is spiritual injunction.

        Hope I didn't hurt your feeling.

        • No question of hurting feelings...

          You are correct. A few days after I got this thought, Alibaba started its work... so may be these books were destined to be used by someone else...

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