does positive thinking make dreams come true?

there r many organizations which focuses on positive thinking .like the other day i was watching shri brahamkumari ji  on astha channel.she was saying that whatever you want to achieve just think positive about that and it will come true.but according to me its against the karma philoshopy.please enlighten me and clear my doubt.

hare krishna.

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  • I do not know about your background. But if you introspect about your own life, you will see many turns and stumbles, which each of one us overcome. How do we overcome those? Is it by thinking oh I can never do this? Or by taking it as a challenge that I can do it. Im-possible becomes possible if you want it. Everything is a mind game. We win this game by making the mind stronger through positive thinking only.

    Karma gives you the platform to rise in this world through your effort. Karma never binds you and takes you down in this journey of life. So stop worrying and start LIVING through POSITIVE THINKING.

    Hare Krishna.

  • hare krsna kanika gaur prabhuji,



    what is the karma theory?

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    We must always think positively and avoid negative thoughts. We attract what we think about.

    If we think about the most positive, "Krishna", by keeping Krishna in our thoughts all the time, we will surely realize Him.

    If you think about worthless ashes, material things, that are ephemeral(fleeting, short lived) you will receive ashes, assuming you have enough good karma to match receiving those ashes.

    Why aim low? Aim for the highest, Krishna Prema. What you think will give you happiness in the material world will never give you happiness. More material things, more baggage. More miseries. Believe it or not!

  • all brahmakuri people want to become narayan  & laxmis , just think is it happening

    they said every 4000 years yuga repeats that doesn't happen

    they feel soul is in brain , that is again true

    if one is setenced that he will be hang till death , now what his positive thinking will change his destiny

    our philosophy is deserve then desire.

    positive thinking can give hopes to some extent not results.

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