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  • Hare Krishna Mataji

    Dandavat Pranam

    Actually I am not eligible to speak on such matters,If I have hurt you in any way,I am very sorry.Please forgive.I am just trying to be on the right path.You also try to give your best.Rest Krishna will take care.

    With regards

    Your servant

  • Dear Mataji, Divya:

    Please accept my reverence. All the Glories to Prabhupada.

    Your questions are very important in order to strengh our Krsna conciousness!

    1- Is there somoeone who listening to my prayers?

    Krsna is The Supreme Personality of Godhead the cause of all causes, He is omnipresent and omniscient, He have the capacity of hear all, I read in the third Canto of the Srimad Bhagavatam than he feel happy we speak about Him. But this reason in order to be thanksfully, we need to prayer with humble heart and said to the Lord. My Dear Lord Iam your servant, Please engage in your Service and in this way we attract the answer of the Guru and the Supreme Lord, Hari!

    2- I feel that happiness and God are related... when Iam sad why dont faith in God?

    You are in the truth, Krsna said in his Bhagavad Gita,(18:54) sarva bhuta prasannatma...One who is thus trascendentally situated at once realizes  Brahman and becomes fully JOYFUL! Try to never feel sad try to all the time like a bee take the nectar from the scriptures, devotees, prasadam, prayers, preach whatever activity than connect your mind and feelings with Krsna!

    3- How to get faith in God all time?

    a) By Chanting Hare Krsna without offenses we feel the presence of him and our faith strenght. Chant early in the morning to 4AM all days of the week, if not is possible put one hour to chant with rapt attencion!

    b) By Association with devotees than are serious and give you his association with sincerity. The association are the 90% of our advance. In this forum I hearing very nice vaisnavas than I feel are good association.

    Your Servant,   

  • Hare Krishna Mataji,

    Dandavat Pranam,

    God(Krsna) is the only absolute truth,nothing else.Since I am fallen and contaminated I can't see him face to face,so that means I have to keep faith in him and I have to endeavor for purity in order to see him.Even in our day to day activities he can make us feel his presence,when you are sad ,in fact  you can be  closer to him,whether it be even material activity,because I have heard that for God there is nothing material,everything is spiritual.He is the supreme power,so he can act very subtly and we may not be able to recognize him.

    We ourselves have chosen to live away from him,probably thats why he wants to test us and wants to tell us that first you show your faith in me and then I will show up to you.He wants to know whether our contaminated desire to live separately from him has gone away or not.

    Your servant

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    Hare Krishna Mataji. Dandavat Pranam. All glories to Srila Prabhupada

    association creates faith in us, just like a wrong association convince us that there is nothing wrong in doing wrong things, similarly sadhu sanga , association of devotees inspire us that there is God, there is spiritual world and we can stay with God there eternally. So association is the first step, then initially we may not sufficiently feel God's presence in our life during such times we need to look at the great Devotees , Acharyas life like Ramanuja, Madhva, Srila Prabhupada how they could go against all the difficulties if there would have been no God. So actually we can't feel God's presence now because we are in lower nature passion and ignorance, and God's presence can be feel in sattvik stage and in pure sattvik or suddha sattva stage we meet GOD face to face. So in our initial stage we must not be very eager to feel presence or see God, rather we should follow the instruction of guru sadhu sastra and apply it in our life, we should be happy to serve the Acharya and his mission because we can feel him, read him, hear him. In this way when we perform our duty as per our capacity to glorify Acharyas, God's name, the day will e very sooner when we will see Krishna everywhere.

    your aspiring servant

    Hari Bol

  • yes definaately krishna listens your prayer... and he is always with all oof us.. like he says i am taste is water, i am in fire , i am sun , moon like he is always with us.. but we ignore him always...


    everyone like you want to be happy ... because we are the "ansh " of krishna who is source of happiness... so you dont want to be sad in your life... some worship lord just for happiness in life so when they are in miseries they think that there is no god.... for this first of all you have to think that you are not a body but a soul..soul who is "ansh " of krishna.. for the service of  krishna .. 

    aapko kuch lena dena nhi khushi aur gami se , you are only servant of krisna and you have to make lord happy.. ..

    you dont have faith in god when you are sad because aap apni  pehchaan body se karte ho... body jiska koi astitva nhi hai aatma ke bina,...

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    Hare Krishna dear Divya Mataji, please accept my humble obeisances! All glories to Srila Prabhupada!

    :) is it a question or You are just telling us to have into God? :D

    If the second then it is is true we need faith in God.

    If the first then let me tell You one thing which i do practice or at least try to practice myself. But it is very simple at the same time the most difficult thing in the whole world.

    And that is:

    while chanting JUST HEAR each word of Maha Mantra. That is all. Just hear what we say at that moment. One Hare gone then we do not think of that Hare but try to hear the present Hare. And then present Krishna...

    Even if we were not able to hear 15 words at least we have to try to hear the last 16th. And faith will come.

    Taste will come. Satisfaction will come. Real joy will fill the heart and we will think why why why i do not have this and that so that i can chant it whole day. Why day is 24 hours why time is running, why time does not stop....why?????

    And this mood comes only when chant attentively.

    In the reality on reality in this world is the Holy Name and i - soul. Nothing else. Of course the things there are around but i mean the only eternal reality as per HH Suhotra Swamis book.


    We lament we get sad, we pick out our hair, we cry, we get upset, ............but if we just remember that only Holy Name is the only reality and if we chant it ATTENTIVELY allllllllllll our desires will be fulfilled. 

    All problems are there just because we do not chant attentively. Just because we do not keep our mind at the present moment and hear each word. To keep mind in the present means to be in the mode of goodness. And to lament about past is the mode ignorance to fear about future is the mode of passion.

    For more knowledge about the Holy Name please see this web site

    Your servant, 

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