Does God Exist ?

Hare Krishna To All ,

I never thought at this point of my life i would ask this question

According to my research in Hinduisam , I see following points ,

There are four sects ,

1. Shivaities  - Worship Shiva - Main Scriptures - Shiv Puran , Ling Puran

2. Vaisahnavas - Worship Vishnu -Main Scriptures-Bhagwad Gita,Shrimad Bhagwatam

3. Shaktas - Worship Goddess Durga - Main Scriptures - Devi Mahatmaye,Devi Bhagwatam

4. Smartism - Worship All Are Equall - Main Scripture - All

Whenever i told about Krishna to any One , I told that scriptures written for demigod dont have word called bhagwan , lets take example by looking at Bhagvad Gita , And Srimad Bhagwatam . .

Yesterday i saw Srimad Devi Bhagwatam ,how can this be possible that this up puran have been called as Bhagwatam ..

For More On Devi Bhagwatam visit this link


What is the meaning of Bhagwatam ,

Next thing earlier i knew just one Gita  , but today i know 32 Gita list

Anu Gita , Avdhoot Gita  , Ishwar Gita , Kapil Gita , Ganesh Gita ,

Devi Geeta , Bhagwat Gita, Bhrama Gita , Shiv Geeta ,Hari Gita,

Rudra Geeta . .

The Question Is Are Words Like " Geeta , Bhagwatam "

so cheap that they are associated with every demigod . .

Did Ved Vyas Declared Section Of Mahabharat as Bhagwat Gita ,

Or We Have Named It . .

Is faith in Krishna so cheap that any one can break it . .

Please shower some Krishna Devotion On Me , I Feel Broken !!

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  • ||haRE krsnA || || my humble pranAms to all krsna bhakthas||

    The supreme being is ONE. All vedas and upanishads proclaim the same. The word gita means song and Bhagavad-Gita means the song of bhagawan, the song of god. The Supreme One is so much potent beyond all our senses, imagination, intellect and emotion can conceive of, that we can't give the Supreme a single name. All names are actually qualifiers of his qualities which we can think of. The thousand names of Vishnu - each one - speaks of the glory of the supreme. Tjhe very name Vishnu means "that which pervades".The Supreme (Brahma) pervades everything in this universe - spiritual and material. The name Krishna (means all attractive), as the Supreme has the capacity to attract all !! Take any name used to describe the Supreme you'll thus notice one quality. Supreme when described through Saguna (with attributes) appears with name and form. Sound or light itself is formless (Nirguna) but gets different names and shades according to the entity that spreads light - sun, bulb, fire, tubelight or sound - beat, tune, rhythm etc.(Saguna). Both are still aspects of Supreme Brahman.

    That being said, though the puranas have been categorized as sattva, rajas and tamas they are given for us to understand the Supreme which is still described only in attributes in the vedas and upanishads. No one purana is thus superior or inferior to the other as they all do only one basic function - to proclaim the glory of the Absolute Supreme.

    As for "Devi Bhagavatam is not even in the list of this major puranas and it is not authentic. Its written just to encourage those meat eaters rascals Shakti pujari." This is not correct.

    All puranas and upapuranas are authentic as they all have been conceived by rishis and compiled by Veda Vyasa. Shakti pujaris are also not rascals. Not all Shakthi pujaris indulge in intoxication or meat-eating. Shakti is the mother form of the Supreme just like purusha(Narayana) is the male form of Supreme. Absolute Brahman is of neuter gender. Just like we make different food items from the same food source, and each one likes one food item in preference to the other, so too the Supreme manifests in so many different forms that each form may be suitable for a devotee with a particular mindset. That's precisely what Krishna says in Bhagavad Gita that He is present as the essence of all things that are worshipped and praiseworthy.

    Krishna paramatma (the All-attractive Brahman and soul of all souls) is present in the lowest of the low life to the highest of the high. "Sarvam Vishnumayam Jagat" When we say Vishnu means (all pervading) how can we say that Vishnu is not present in the demigods, life-forms, devas, daityas, the material or spritual universe. It is only our ignorance that prevents us from realizing the presence of Vishnu in an entity as we are still under the influence of the trigunas. When we raise ourselves to the Sattvic state of mind, Vishnu's presence is strongly felt in all that we see and that's what Bhagavd-Gita teaches us - "A true devotee of the Lord learns to see the Lord in all His creations".

    The names Siva, Indra, Surya, Ganesh also are listed in the 1000 names of Vishnu in Vishnu Sahasranama and we know from what our acharyas say - "the glorious names of God are non-different from the God". Whether you call him by Vishnu, Siva, Surya..we are worshipping the Supreme One, the Absolute Brahman who is Achintya (inconceivable by mortal human senses) and can be realized easily by a heart soaked in Bhakthi than an intellect ripe and mature.

    May we accept Krishna as our guru (Krshnam Vande Jagadgurum) and strive to understand the deeper essence of Gita which will clear our confusion. Bhagavad-Gita doesn't contradict any veda, upanishad, purana or upapurana as it is the word spoken by the Supreme that is all-attractive as Krishna.

    • Volunteer

      hare Krishna Suresh K Aiyar Prabhu. Please accept my humble obeicenses. All Glories to Srils prabhupada

      Prabhuji, we understand that Vishnu is all pervading so in that sense Visnu/Krishna is in all inert and non-inert
      matter in this creation, but still we can't say that all is Vishnu/Krishna then we end up in mayavada. As milk
      can be transformed in curd, in that sense milk is curd but we can't say that the curd is the milk.So when we are
      talking about different shakti of Sri Krishna and their worships we have to be very careful to not mix the notion
      of shakti and shaktiman i.e energy and energetic else we end up worshipping some demigods. And this statement is
      supported by Sri Krishna in Bhagavad Gita itself.

      BG 9.4

       "By Me, in My unmanifested form, this entire universe is pervaded. All beings are in Me, but I am not in them."

      Now regarding Devi Bhagavatam it speaks about the supremacy of Devi over Narayana. Now if we consider it authentic
      then our whole Vaisnava philosophy will go into vain. Again we will end up thinking "when all is Krishna then let
      worships demigods also who are different shakti of Krishna" then what will be the result?? result is clearly declared
      by Sri Krishna in his song itself

        "BG 7.23: Men of small intelligence worship the demigods, and their fruits are limited and temporary. Those who
         worship the demigods go to the planets of the demigods, but My devotees ultimately reach My supreme planet."

       so all these verses from Gita tells us that we should respect the creation of Lord Krishna but at the same time
       we should have sound knowledge of shastras (i.e authenticity) and unflinching faith on our lovable Lord Krishna.
       Our Guru Mahraja was very strict about this and we should also be very strict about this.

      All glories to Guru and Gourango..

  • hare krishnaji,

                          although there exist so many puranas and sub -puranas<bhagvatham is the most important.

    veda vyas muni wrote bhagvatham as last purana among 18.there is a descrption regarding that origin.vedavyas felt a lack of satisfaction and contentment even after writing 17 puranas.he thought why i feel this?did i had do any mistake?at that time narada muni apperared there and sayd,"hay vyasmaharshi,i came here to help u.i well know ur situation.hey dhanyathman,u had written 17 puranas describing dharma,self realization etc,but u did not described the divine leelas of lord krishna.thats why u are suffering disappointment now.u actually forgotten to exagurate the truth;instead expanded the unimportant matters be consious and try to describe the merciful lord"

        this enlightened his mind and decided to write about the actual truth.that is

      so give importance to that

  • Volunteer

    Hare Krishna Siddhartha Prabhu .PAMHO

    yes our lord Krishna can illusioned anyone.......:)

  • Volunteer

    Hare Krishna Ashwani Prabhu, Please Accept my humble obeisances . All Glories to Srila Prabhuapada.

    First of all we need to know the categories of puranas. There are 18 major puranas and few upa or sub puranas,
    and these puranas are further classified according to three different modes of nature namely Sattvic (Goodness),
    Rajasik(Passion) and Tamasic(Ignorance).

    According to the Padma Purana:

            * Sattva ("truth; purity"): Vishnu Purana, Bhagavata Purana, Naradeya Purana, Garuda Purana, Padma Purana, Varaha Purana
            * Rajas ("dimness; passion"): Brahmanda Purana, Brahma Vaivarta Purana, Markandeya Purana, Bhavishya Purana, Vamana Purana, Brahma Purana
            * Tamas ("darkness; ignorance"): Matsya Purana, Kurma purana, Linga Purana, Shiva Purana, Skanda Purana, Agni Purana

    Devi Bhagvatam is not even in the list of this major puranas and it is not authentic. Its written just to encourage
    those meat eaters rascals Shakti pujari.

    These is thus categories in these way because people are of different mentalities according to the modes of nature
    they have aquired, and from Bhagavad Gita we know that faith of a particular individual depends on the particular
    mode (i.e goodness/passion/ignorance) or Guna he obtains. So you can't expect that all the people are in mode of
    goodness then the whole mankind would become a vaisnava, there would be no other religious faith. And these varities
    of nature of humans were known to our Rishis/seers thus they tried to give the wisdom to all kind of people thus
    they can elevate themself gradually i.e from mode of ignorance to passion and then to Goodness.

    you can't really expect that all people will certainly start practising KC and will maintain the 4 regulative principle
    .No it will never happen either the world would be a Vaikuntha.

    Now come to different kind of gitas, Now we have to check one thing,are these several Gitas which you have mentioned is inline with the conclusion of Vedas ,vedanta and Upanisads like Bhagavat Gita??? Did all the jagad Guru choose this bogus Gitas to comment (like Shankaracharya,Madhavacharya,Ramanujacharya,Lord Chaitanya, Prabhupada) anyone??????NOOOOOOOOOOOOO............. You will not find ONE.. So The GOD saying must be validated with Vedas, Vedanta  and Upanisads because they are Apurasaya, and those texts which can't be validated by this three and Guru it can't be accepted. So GOD's or Krishna's word can't dispute the word of vedas ,vedanta and Upanisad.

    NOW its upto you to decide whether you have more faith on Krishna and all the Vaisanava Acharayas or in some Damn
    Tantrik, Shakti pujari who are not even a quality human being, whos worshippers are involved in intoxication, animal
    killing. Use your intelligence Prabhu.

    Prabhuji my opinion would be you just concentrate on your chanting and associate with the devotees and trust the word
    of Prabhupada, he is the only genuine person who can save you. Learn from the life style of the Vaisnava acharyas
    and compare this with the life style of any demigod worshippers...............

    Hope it will help to progress in Bhakti Sadhana................Hari BOL

    All Glories to Guru and Gourango

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