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Does demigods undergo old age and diseased condition? I heard in one lecture even demigods doesnt have old age, and the pictures representing brahmaji with beard is not correct. So I want to clarify this.In https://www.vedabase.com/en/sb/11/7/17 "whereas the demigods possess only deluxe material forms, subject to birth, death, old age and disease, is mentioned. 



Karunapati Kesava das

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    Hare Krsna Prabhuji,
    Instead of answering your question directly, I will tell you one incident/ question that was put in front of me to my shiksha guru - if demigods had amrit during samudra manthan pastime, then does that make them amar - that they will not die? But they are in the material world, then how is it possible? The answer given was - of course there will be death, because they are in the material world. Having amrit means that the 4 processes of birth, death, old age and disease are simply postponed, youth is prolonged, enjoyment is prolonged. When Brahma is annihilated at the end of his tenure, all the 14 planetary systems are destroyed, destroying all jivatmas in them.

    In the higher planetary systems of the material world, there is a lot of piety, and there is a lot of scope for sense enjoyment. Jivatma, as usual, has to make his choice. His future depends on his choice. Regarding going to spiritual world, it is said that to do sadhana, earth is the best planet. That is why demigods line up to take birth as human beings in India, in Kaliyuga, in these 10,000 years, to go back to godhead from here.

    Your servant,
    Radha Rasamayi DD
  • When a demigod, or anyone else, is located in the Spiritual World, there they do not undergo a negative aging process, dying, suffering, or disease as in Vaikunthaloka there is only Love. On the higher planets of the material world it is much like the Satya Yuga of this planet, where if one does not want to die they can choose to go to the Spiritual World by direct emination, and the Holy Spirit is so prevalent on such planets that there is little room for any sort of disease. But living in that kind of opulence, certain people, though not the majority, misplace the importance of Self Realization and decide to live for pleasures, as on the planets of the demigods one can gratify their senses hundreds of thousands of times more than on this planet, and the lifespan there is much longer.

    Sometimes Brahma and Shiva and other demigods eminate or incarnate amongst the population of this planet, and though their body is Spiritual still they are subject to what we are subject to enviornmentally if they choose to take upon themselves the negative karma of the fallen living entities which is a complex network of ignorance, sadness, fallen nature, and often evil. Even Jesus Christ, a Son Of God, Begotten by the Holy Spirit was painfully beaten and crucified, and many Christians were and still are today, as well as many Gaudia Vaishnavas and perfected beings of other Faith's that devote themselves to Krishna are being harassed by the demons, taking the karma of the demons onto themselves to save the demoniac from a certain doom or an altogether hell. We are in the material world with an intent to save those who are fallen, many of us have no karmic debt, with there being no karma particles attached to our souls, only love being left, though there is such thing as love karma but that is another story.
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