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does curses (from street begger or like enunches) have any impact on our life???

   hare krishna prabhujis/matajis.dandavat pranam.

i was cursed by a street beggar for not giving him money.does this kind of curses have any impact ?or is it ethical to give money to the inappropriate person as Sri Krishna says in Gita that Dana or charity should be given in a proper place .otherwise it may have  negative impact..

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Ok mathaji..Thanks..

Hare Krsna..

thank you mataji.hare krishna

Hare Krishna pr.
Curses of any person is effective to the degree of power he has accumulated through austerities. And further you can refer to articles mentioned by other devotees here.
I will give you a simple idea when eunuchs approach you for money, i try this and works most of the times. Just hold the bead bag visibly and chant closing your eyes. They will just repect it and not disturb you. Sometimes they give blessings also.
On a funnier note (not sure, but it is only my understanding) : i think they have in their mind that these Hare Krishnas are themselves struggling hard to distribute books and collect donations, how will they give money, they are also our category :) hence they go away.

yes prabhuji.


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