hare krishna prabhujis/matajis.dandavat pranam.

i was cursed by a street beggar for not giving him money.does this kind of curses have any impact ?or is it ethical to give money to the inappropriate person as Sri Krishna says in Gita that Dana or charity should be given in a proper place .otherwise it may have  negative impact..

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  • It is not good to give charity to an unworthy person. If you give money to a drunkard, he will probably buy more alcohol. Give money to a meat-eater, and he may use the money to buy meat.

    As for a curse, rely on Krishna to be your protector. That is one of the six points of surrender, to think that Krishna is your protector.

    • haribol prabhuji..actually i am a  student so i do not have much money all the time .still i try to give alms to the poor persons  or handicapped one..but not children on the street as they often misuse the money. so sometimes i fall in dellimma 'where to give ,where not''..yes prabhuji  Sri Narasimha(krishna) protects his devotees. thanku prabhu,hare krishna..

  • Very much doubtful in age of Kali Yuga anybody's curse can carry any significant value, upon any living being.

    If you are still worried maybe take a look at this; https://vedabase.io/en/library/cc/adi/17/
    From text 62 onwards..
    • thanku prabhuji.haribol

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