"Do your duties, dont bother about results"

Past 3 days in orkut community there has been riot. In BG Lord Krishna says do your duties dont bother about results OR do ur karma dont think about karma phala. a person raised a question that suppose ur a sw engineer & a company offers u 5000 for 8 hrs & another company offers u 50,000 for 8 hrs what will u choose karma or karma-phala? what should be the answer or under what context does the lord say this? plz help!

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  • Hare Krishna Siddhartha..

    If you are referring to Vaishnava Sannyasis in your comment above then please understand that you are committing offense by calling them as sense enjoyers (karmis). :(

    They are highly exhalted and are way ahead of us in terms of their realization. I don't think you realise this or else you would not have made this comment. I don't know how you got this idea but I request you to use your discriminating power and try to find out the truth.

    Your comments are not based on what the acharyas have explained. Shastras can be interpretted in 1000 ways by me, you or by anyone else. So thats why we go with what our acharyas have given us coming down the line through disciplic succession. Thats why we should have firm belief in Srila Prabhupada and his words. We should study his books deeply.

    And I am not sure why 5,000 will bring you to the streets.. If we have faith on Krishna he will take care of all our expenses. Why should we worry? :)



  • Volunteer

    Dear Sidhartha p

    What exactly is your question ? Here we are not talking about the karma phala, because karma phala is not the salary that you are getting after doing the job. This is not the concept of karma phala. Please see the meaning of karma that I have given. No where I wrote that the salary that one is getting is karma phala. As I said, this salary is not the karma result, Krsna is talking about. I have already explained what karma and result of karma means.. Also if you stick to your own concepts, it is difficult to convince you. If you wish to understand, you need to be humble and submissive. If you don't accept anything that is written in Bhagvad Gita and stick to your own concepts, then really difficult to convince you. What you are saying are your own concepts and not from scriptures. Please try to understand what is being written by other devotees here.

    Please do not take any offense. I beg forgiveness if my words hurt u..

    your servant

    rakesh  roshan

  • Hare krishna Siddhartha Prabhu,

    My humble obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada.

    It does not matter if we choose 50,000 or 5,000, If we are using the money only for our sense enjoyment then there is no point. The action will bind us and cause material misery. This is given in purport of Bg 2.47 by His Divine Grace.

    It all depends on our consciousness. If a person is Krishna Counscious then he will obviously think of doing more service to his Guru and Krishna with that much money. Having 50,000 provides more opportunity to serve in different ways. Anyways, the money is going to the same source from where it came. :)

    But if we are not that advanced and think that getting 50,000 will weaken our Sadhana and tempt us to satisfy our own senses, then we should not go for that high salary and reject it.

    Its simple prabhuji... everything that can be utilized for Krishna's service should be accepted and rest all should be rejected. This decision needs to be made by the individual and this is where couselling with senior devotees becomes very important.

    Lord Krishna sung this shoka because Arjuna was thinking that he is going to enjoy the kingdom after he kills his relatives. He thought he is going to be the proprietor. Lord krishna removes this misunderstanding by telling Arjuna that any material activity done for sake of our own enjoyment will only bind us and give us misery. It will not help us spiritually in any way. So Arjuna should do away with this misconception of enjoying the Kingdom after killing his relatives. Arjuna should act as an instrument of Krishna's will and that will reap ultimate benefits.

    We are talking about Rs. 50,000, but Arjuna was going to get the whole kingdom by fighting. But only a change in counsciousness purified him. He became Krishna Counscious and that is what is important. :)

    Hope it answers your questions.

    Senior devotees, please correct me.



    Your Servant,


  • We need to use our intelligence, which is also given by Krsna again. Bring out the best in you and do the best thing for this world, you do whatever good you can to others, if not don't harm. Once done, give credits to Krsna, that is humbleness.  That is Krsna Consciousness.

  • In brief, Krsna is asking us to do a job that is similar to the ones done by an Indian ambassador living in America. Even though the ambassador is living in America and its environment, he/she will work for the Indian government. Similarly, we are living in this material world doing our routine with job, family, money, business, etc. Krsna says this is not your final goal, we need to dovetail everything towards Him, why choose a 5000/- job against 50000/- job. If you can make 50k, then you can serve Him in a better royal way. Living a spiritual life in material world is what Krsna is speaking about in Bhagavad Gita. So, from a material aspect of life just live as everyone does, but add that spiritual element in your life and do the seeding of Krsna Consciousness in others, so that invariably and even without our own knowledge we would be doing sadhana in KC. All this simply to purify our senses, which without KC would degrade itself from human form to animal form in our next life. Do the best job available and use the best items to serve Him. Simple... get connected with us for a free online course on Bhagavad Gita As It Is on www.facebook.com/bgiskcon

  • Volunteer

    Hare Krsna p
    humble obeisances
     It is true that in Bhagvad Gita Lord Krsna says do your duties and don't bother about results. Here He does not say about doing job in software company and not worrying about the salary that you get. He is saying about doing our karma in material world and not worrying for the results. Suppose you have an exam and you try your best, but still results don't come then you should not worry for that cuz that is Krsna's part. Also this karma that Krsna is referring to should be done under the guidance of a bonafide authority who is representative of Krsna and then only this principle applies. If someone does things whimsically, he may say I don't worry for the results but Law of Karma will be applicable on him and he will have to undergo the reactions. If a person follows Krsna's instructions sincerely and does not worry for the result by following a bonafide guru, then he is not bound by laws of Karma, he burns his karmic reactions.
    So the question here that what should one choose is relevant if the person is following a bonafide spiritual master and instructions of Krsna by doing service to Krsna. In this case, of course he should go for the 50000 job and do it for Krsna's service by maintaining a Krsna conscious family and giving charity and doing service to Krsna with all his ability.
    Please do not take any offenses. I beg forgiveness if my words are harsh or hurt. I just wish to tell the right perspective when Krsna is saying that verse.
    your servant
    rakesh roshan

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