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One of my close friends was arguing with me about Chaitanya Mahaprabhu. We are from Gujarat, so he was saying that Narshi Mehta & Meera Bai was far greater than Chaitanya Mahaprabhu. After that we discused on Bhagwad Gita, he told me that he had read Bhagwad gita, Shiv Puran and all such purans and All are written by Ved Vyas. In shiv puran , Ved Vyas has said that Shiv is the origin of everything and in BGita krishan is the origin. So he told me to not to believe in anything. So my question is that what is written in shiv puran and is it true??Hare KrishnaHari Bol

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  • Hare krishna.. But what about shiv puran written by ved vyas declaring shiv as the source of everything?
    Please clear my doubts
    • Dear kishan patel, 

                                     You are only mentioning shiva purana. what about other puranas which always describe the glories of lord krishna, vishnu, ramachandra etc....Do you think vedavyasa is not intellignet enough ? Vedavyasa has a purpose glorifying lord shiva in shiva purana to bewilder the demons who are envious of krishna's supremacy....I had come across many serious devotees of lord shiva ( who is one of the 12 mahajanas and the greatest of all the vaishnavas)...who used to chant only om namah shivaya...but after certain time...they started reading bhagavat gita...srimad bhagavatam and started chanting hare krishna mahamantra....and if any body is seriously a devotee of lord shiva, he/ she will surely come to krishna consciousness. You can take my personal example....lord shiva sees the hankering of his devotee and thereby directs him towards lord krishna, the supreme person....What about bhagavat gita and other authentic shastras....we can quote thousands of verses from all the puranas...For example lord shiva glorifies lord krishna as the supreme person in gopalasahasranaama...which he recites and speaks to parvati....We should never come to conlusion that only shiva purana is correct and others are nothing. We should carefully scrutinize by going through all the scriptures carefully and should analyse, take guidance under a bonafide spiritual master...which krishna himself recommends in the bhagavat gita....when krishna himself says that he is sankara among rudras....so you can understand who is the supreme...lord shiva never said that vishnu is my part or anything like that...on the contrary lord shiva says that lord krishna is his master....in shiva purana...vedavyasa glorifies the greatest vaishnava lord shiva....we should see lord shiva from the vaishnava point of view...not independent of krishna or equal to krishna...


      is the link...please go through it carefully and then come to conclusion please....

      Sri Gopala-sahasra-nama
      The thousand names of Sri Gopala, Lord Krishna.
      • hare krishna, thank you prabhuji and mataji for clearing my doubts. glories to srila prabhupada.

  • Volunteer

    Lord Shiva holds water which touches the feet of Lord Vishnu on his head. So he is lower than Lord Vishnu.

    Lord Shiva does so many austerities to be happy. He wears old cloth, etc...

    But Krishna never does austerity. He simple plays His flute...He is always satisfied. 

    So Lord Krishna is greater than Lord Shiva;

    Lord Shiva chants Lord Ram's Names;

    And Krishna chants the names of His cows.

    So Lord Shiva is lower than Lord Ram, he is His servant; and Lord Ram is an expansion of Krishna.

    Prabhu, please have Your own mind on Your head! We should not do anything and everything what other people tell us. We have to have ability to discriminate things.

    Firstly we have to see if person who is instructing us is living pure life then only we can trust him or her;

    But if he or she is a meat eater; sleeps too much; eats too much; does other illicit things; watches TV etc then it is a time waste to hear such people.

    Your servant, 

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