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Disappointed with my life.

Hare krishna.

Dandavat Pranam to all devotees.


        Don't know what is happening to me. whenever i try to go one step ahead in bhakti marg this material energy is so strong it is not allowing me to do so. feeling helpless . its quite frustrating for me .When i chant mahamantra that time i am feeling peace and happiness and after material energy catches me strongly I can't share this at my home because they won't understand... don't know what to do. i feel only devotees like you all can help me.

Hare Krishna 

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  • Hare Krsna Mataji
    dandavat pranam

    Thank you very much mataji for your comment .It is true that I am fighting with maya but as advised by many devotees I am chanting Mahamantra more hopefully it will help me to come out of this situation.
  • E-Counselor

    Hare Krsna Prabhuji,


    Have you ever seen a child learning to stand or walk? Have you ever seen how many times the child falls and then gets up again to try again? Suppose the child starts to cry, dont we encourage by clapping and calling out to the child to try again. Then the child forgets and becomes happy and starts trying again.

    That is our situation - when we start out on the path of devotion, we keep on failing and trying again. Then we become tired and disappointed. That is the time devotee association is helpful, to egg us on to try once more and cheer whatever we achieve in every effort. Our chanting is the effort of getting up or attempting to walk. Therefore, both are very important in the initial stages. We have to chant our committed number of rounds everyday without fail. One of the things you can do is - at your last round, you can pray to Krsna thanking Him for allowing you to take His name and requesting that the next day also, the same mercy may be bestowed on you and you can chant the next day also. Remember, we are no one to take His name even once, if He doesnt desire.

    By chanting, you are attacking maya directly. Naturally, maya will also attack you. When you are ensnared by maya, chant again mentally with the understanding that maya is wanting to keep you under its control.

    I hope I have been able to explain little bit.


    Your servant,


  • hare krishna adam prabhuji..hari bol.. from now I will definitely chant more rounds of mahamantra . krishna is so kind to me that I am getting support from devotee like you. thank you very much your comment is valuable for me.
    • Haribol,

      Thats The Spirit, Fight Maya With the Maha Mantra, Keep on chanting for long periods daily,itll defiantly help you

      Go for It. 

      Chanting the Holy name is all you need to progress and Krishna will reveal the path as you chant with sincerity.

      Your Ever Well Wisher, Jai Srila Prabhupada.

  • hare krishn adam prabhuji

    Thank you very much for this valuable comment . I am facing lot's of problem regarding this. and I can't concentrate on chanting. I am a student. when I go to temple that time I feel happiness but after that greed, anger catches me strongly . I was enjoying chanting but at this time it is not happening . my friend circle n my family they all are non-devotee so I can't share my problems with them.

    hari bol.
    • well i speak in terms of meditation. Chanting is really another form of that. It does not always go smoothly. There are mornings even I wake up and I go...damn I have to meditate. Earnestness is what counts. Just do what you can and keep putting one foot in front of the other. Bakti develops, trust and faith develops. God is quite real. You will start to look inward in time, you already are actually. Your noticing the problem. You did not say "he makes me angry or greedy" or what have you. You said these feelings catch you. You have noticed, it is not the object or person that creates the feeling in you, but you that arise it within yourself. Then attach to it of course. It is ok for it to arise, perfectly fine. Just do not attach to it, react to it. Observe it, like watching a car go by. "Oh, thats a thought of jealousy, my oh my, that sucks, o well" eventually the thoughts won't even come. Keep chanting. Keep on the spiritual path, this is why it is the path of heroes. It is hard. People think its easy, oh we sit and pray and maybe meditate. It is a path of incredible self discovery. Happiness must be worked at, day in and day out until it becomes a habbit. Those times where you can not concentrate and it is so hard, these are the times you will make the most gain. Remember that. As you are chanting and your mind wanders and does not want to do it, remember that if you keep going, you may not notice it instantly, but pushing through is where you make your gain. Just as the work you put into school, when you accomplish it, it will be rewarding because you pushed through. If it was just given it would be meager. Promise friend, keep chanting. Do what your devotees or guru's tell you, and listen to yourself. You are noticing.

  • first tell me what you mean? one step further? like stopping a bad habbit?

    • Usually when we try to go a step further. I asked just for a more....focused answer. But say I have a bad habit. When I try with all my will and might to stop it, it sometimes gets stronger. And also when we are attached to something, whenever we stop it there is a withdrawal process. Craving and longing, when we learn to sit with that feeling it subsides. Simply starting something new usually causes fear or if not successful causes lamentation. But that is set up by your own ideals, your mind. If at this point something is hard to do and you "fail" at it, just keep trying. I am curious as to what is binding you? Don't let your ideals set you up for disappointment, just let them be something to push you further. Do not be upset with yourself, no matter what you have to forgive yourself. God has already done that. Simply shining a light on that which you do not like will make you notice it whenever it takes place. And with faith in the process it will slowly dissipate. Do not force, just recognize. hopefully i was of some help. I meditate personally. But the chanting quiets the mind as well. This is my opinion.

      Much love

  • hare krishna mataji
    I am trying hopefully the blessing of devotee like you will help me. thank you very much mataji for your reply.
  • Hare Krishna..

    If you have really understood the Gita and implemented it in your life, then there is no way that you are dragged into the material illusion. Because the knowledge is so strong. You may not get enough time for chanting. But if you truly follow what the Lord said in Gita, then you will be freed from the material bondage. This is guaranteed.

    So, chant the mahamantra while you can. And during the remaining time, apply the principles of Gita to your life.

    I am sure, by God's grace, you will come out of the material bondage in due course.



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