Dinosaurs and aliens

hare krishna and happy balrama purnima !!

in my opinion - dinosauras must be pre-pralaya times but there is no single word about dinosaur or that like big animal description in our scriptures but as there are 84 lakh types how one can write all names in a scripture and who will have interest in reading all 84 lakhs names

about aliens

there is no aliens like thing..area 51 is extremely secured no one can enter there......i doubt they are making spaceship like things..today's man is making many hoexes like the world will end in 2012,2025........so as like this 'alien' is hoex not a real thing.

maybe my opinion is wrong..


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  • You know that in Previous Yugas the bodily size of animals and humans was much greater than what is now. So , it might be possible they were normal cow like wild creatures of Tests Yuga / Satyuga whose fossils are beings discovered now. Even many fossils of giants people have been discovered.
  •  I think the teachings of Srila Prabhupada or bhagwad gita or bhagwatam  relates to the current (that is present ) and future also . At times , we have to interpret in symbolic terms  . All the ghosts , demons , dinosaurs , aliens and other unimaginable species and Dracula   are alive , existing  and doing notorious things today also , but their form of existence may differ . All the evil spirits are still there in the guise of human -beings also . The supreme  personality of godhead -Krishna is also here to protect us .There is no-thing to worry for and about ; chant Mahamantra  !!!!!

  • nice responses thank you both rashmi and sandhya mataji !! hari bol !!

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    Hare Krsna Prabhuji,


    IMHO, scriptures talk about life on other planets, the fact that many universes are coming out of the pores of Mahavishnu every second. Aliens must be attempt by such species to connect with us the way we are trying to explore the universe and see whether is life on other planets.


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