• This is clearly explained in Bhakti Rasamrta Sindhu, Eastern Section.

    When bhakti is accomplished by actions of senses (such as hearing, chanting, etc), it's called sadhana bhakti. In sadhana bhakti, the direct realization of the Lord may not be there.

    In prema bhakti also, actions of senses (which are called anubhavas) are there, but they're different. The actions will be different depending on the relationship one has with the Lord. In prema bhakti, the direct realization of the Lord is there and there will be an established relationship with the Lord.

    There's one more bhakti, called bhava bhakti which is in between sadhana and prema bhakti. In bhava bhakti one would have established a relationship with the Lord and even direct realization may be there at times, but it's not so deep as in prema bhakti, that's because some effects of past aparadhas (offenses) may still be there.

    The goal of sadhana bhakti is bhava bhakti. And the goal of bhava bhakti is prema bhakti. Bhava bhakti is one single ray of the sun called prema bhakti.

    In sadhana bhakti, we've different levels such as sraddha, anishta, nistha, ruci and askati (these are nicely described in madhurya kadambini).

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