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  • Hari bol Hare Krishna .As for as I know no doubt there is ONLY one God Head.That is Bhagawan Sri Krishna.Others are subtle energies emanated from time to time by the God Head to protect and take the mass in the right way right perspective in the respective regions of the world to spread the nectar of compassion ,love and humane understanding.

    Killing a Cow is like killing our own mother because both of them are the personification of life giving by feeding their milk to others which itself is a sacrifice than the mere service.But this fact is hardly taken in the said religion/s and hence today they drink the milk from a cow and tomorrow they eat the same cow.The Eternal Cow is called Kamadhenu in Sanskrit which gives health,wealth and every thing in life.In ancient India the wealth of man was being decided by the number of cows he had apart from the other riches.Hari Bol Hare Krishna
    • Haribol Prabhuji,
      Thank you so much for replying my query. But as u said killing a cow is like killing our mother, that i understand as I am a hindu. But others dont!!! So how can we make them understand. If Lord Krishna had sent others to help people understand that there is ONE GOD, then how vegeterianism is not important for them? Hadn´t it be mentioned in their religion, that animal killing is a sin? Plz forgive me for my ignorance and plz help me. Thank you. Haribol!!!
      • Hari Bol Hare Krishna let me answer your second question first then the answer to the first automatically will be got.when Jesus the Christ has been called the Good Shepperd as he was the protector of the sheep every christian knows that killing an animal is not good.But that is religion.A sect followed the Jesus even when they were eating animals.Hence they followed only the religion not the dharma behind it.But Hinduism is not a religion but called as Sanathana Dharma.Hinduism is not a religion but a way of life where in principles are followed and whomsoever follows it as told by the sanathana dharma is a Hindu by himself where in the ahimsa or the non inflicting of pain on others be it an animal or a reptile or a man is part of the dharma but this dharma is not followed in other religion as it started spreading their religion and hence they were not able to put restrictions on killing animals or change their food habits.The reason being that any cultural heritage is decided by the the kind of food they take and they never wanted to touch it as it is very sensitive matter and will hamper the growth of their religion.Christians wanted to spread their religion and always adjusted anything for the sake of it but Hinduism teaches the way HOW one ought to live and hence showed the way of life and hence called the Sanathana Dharma and the nomenclature " Hinduism "is later given as the people predominantly lived with in the Hindukush mountain range following the Sanathana Dharma.Hari Bol Hare RamaKrishna
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