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Difference between chanting Hare Krishna & Punya Karmas

Hare Krishna !!

Please accept my Humble obeisances !!

Why do we chant Hare Krishna rather than other pious activities? What is the difference between chanting Hare Krishna and Punya Karmas?

Your Servant

Abhijeet Das

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Sometimes one who is very alert  not to commit sinful acts is victimized by sinful life again,

therefore consider this process of repeated sinning and atoning to be useless.

It is like the bathing of an elephant, for an elephant cleanses itself by taking a full bath, but then throws dust over its head and body as soon as it returns to the land.

Since pious acts meant to neutralize impious actions are also fruitive, they will not release one from the tendency to act fruitively.

Persons who subject themselves to the rules and regulations of atonement are not at all intelligent. Indeed, they are in the mode of darkness.

Unless one is freed from the mode of ignorance, trying to counteract one action through another is useless because this will not uproot one’s desires. Thus even though one may superficially seem pious, he will undoubtedly be prone to act impiously.

On another side, simply by chanting the holy name of Lord Viṣṇu, such sinful persons may attract the attention of the Supreme Lord, who therefore considers, “Because this man has chanted My holy name, My duty is to give him protection.”

 By following the Vedic ritualistic ceremonies or undergoing atonement, sinful men do not become as purified as by chanting once the holy name of Lord Hari. Although ritualistic atonement may free one from sinful reactions, it does not awaken devotional service.

The ritualistic ceremonies of atonement recommended in the religious scriptures are insufficient to cleanse the heart absolutely because after atonement one’s mind again runs toward material activities.
Consequently, for one who wants liberation from the fruitive reactions of material activities, the chanting of the Hare Kṛṣṇa mantra, or glorification of the name, fame and pastimes of the Lord, is recommended as the most perfect process of atonement, because such chanting eradicates the dirt from one’s heart completely.

Hare Krsna Prabhuji,


CHanting is an activity related to the soul, whereas punya karma is related to the body - it remains in the material realm. By doing punya karma, one can at best become Brahma or Indra - one still remains in the material world. Unless one develops love of godhead, one cannot return back to godhead, leaving this material world. Chanting is the process to reawaken that dormant love for Godhead that is inherent in each of us.

It is one of the offences (8th offence) to consider chanting to be one of the pious activities.

By doing pious activities, one merely becomes a good citizen of the material world, one doesnt qualify to leave the world and go to a higher world. Suppose there is a very good person, who follows all the rules and regulations of the jail, will he be released from the jail? The answer is no. He may get some additional responsibility like keep an eye on the unruly elements or inform the jail authorities about the goings on inside the jail, but he will not be released from the jail. He has to still do whatever his jail term is. In the material world, it means - one will end up doing some or the other paap, how much ever one tries to avoid, then one is back in the grind of paap and punya.

Chanting releases one from the grip of paap and punya both.

I hope I have been able to explain. Pls ask if you have further doubts.


Your servant,

Radha Rasamayi DD

Hare Krishna !!

Humble obeisances !!

Yeah i got it perfect answer Radha Rasamayi Mataji ...I i have any further doubts i will ask you..


Your servant,

Abhijeet Das


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