Diety worship at home

Hare Krishna to all devotees.How to worship Sri Radha Krishna diety at home what is the process and what are the mantras need to chant. Iam new to Krishna consciousness I'm not aware of this. please help me.Hare Krishna hare KrishnaKrishna Krishna hare hareHare Rama hare RamaRama Rama hare hare.

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  • Jai Radhe Krishna Ji


    As you are new to the process of Bhakti, and I assume you are not Brahman Initiate(as per ISKCON)/ Diksha (as per Gaudiya Math and Traditional Gaudiya Vaishnavism) and the sole purpose of your service is to practice and grow and perfect your service so I would suggest to start with Chitrapat Seva( Service to the Picture of Lord... May be Radha Krishna or Gaur Netai or Jagannath) in that way you will have all the pleassure of seva as well as not commit any apparadh.

    Hope it answers your query

    Your Servant
    Das Satyananda

  • Volunteer

    Hare krsna prabhu,

    I am no senior vaishnava but just attempting to respond to your query.

    Since you are new to KC, I'd suggest you to start worshiping Gaura-Nitai first. At the start we are bound to commit lots of offenses unknowingly and Gaura-Nitai are very forgiving. Worshiping Radha-Krsna takes lot of commitment, determination, cleanliness and time. They need to be cared for properly. You can install Radha-krsna photo instead of the idols for now.

    Please read through the manual for thorough understanding of diety-worship.

    All glories to Srila Prabhupad.

    Hare krsna.
    • Hare Krishna
      Thank you krsna dasa Prabhu for your advice and information
      Hare Krishna hare Krishna
      Krishna Krishna hare hare
      Hare Rama hare Rama
      Rama Rama hare hare.
  • Hare Krishna
    Thank you for your advice rahul Prabhu as you said I certainly take senior Vaishnavas guidance
  • hari bol,

    the diety of krishna or the service which we do the diety in the archa form or diety form is called as the 'nitya prakata seva' its eternally present and there is no difference between lord and his archa form.

    lord descends into this world in five different ways and one of them is the archa form which is accessible to us. So its only when one becomes qualified after practicing krishna consciousness the devotional service of the lord properly under the proper guidance of the vaishnavas and the spiritual master one should take to the process of worshiping the deity of the lord at home and that too under strict guidance of his/her spiritual master and the senior vaishnavas.

    I would sincerely advice you to consult senior vaishnavas personally and they will guide to the process nicely ...

    hare krishna
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