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As a new and aspiring devotee, I wondered what vitamin supplements we should be taking in order to maintain our bodies in service?

I find since being on a full vegetarian diet I often feel very weak despite sleeping 7 - 8 hours a night, I also have a medical condition called "ulcerative colitis" for which I take alopathic medicine.

My medical condition already has a well known side effect of "fatigue" however thanks to Krishna's mercy it does not cause me too much trouble.

Since coming to KC I find the fatigue is increasing and affecting my sadhana and my bhajan.

So wondered if anyone could recommend which vitamin supplements can help me feel stronger, decrease the fatigue which will improve my sadhana and bhajan.

Thank you



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    My humble obeisances dear Devotees,

    Deepak Prabhuji, also please look to this link

    You will find doctors who voluntarily help to other Devotees. Even You will be able to find some doctors from UK.


    some years ago when i was too much strict with my food i also used to feel fatigue.

    Because of that we should recognize our bodily constitution and eat accordingly.

    For example, people with vata dosha should try to avoid full fasting, with pitta dosha the same. But kapha can fast even up to 3 days.

    Vata should eat 3 times a day enough hot food, prepared food but pitta can eat more fresh fruits. and vegetables.

    For fatigue also You have to check Your blood sugar. If insulin is produced more than required than it may say that You have hyperglycemia. then You should avoid foods with high glycemic index...

    Your servant,


    • Hare Krishna Mataji,

      Please accept my humble obesiances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada.

      Thank you for recommending the "ask a doctor" site, I will send one an email advising off my symptoms.

      Whilst my diet is not strict, just a normal ISKCON diet, I find that I may need vitamins or supplements to enhance my strength so that I do not feel tired all the time which as you probably know can also affect your mood.

      Thank you



  • hari bol,

               i was about to start discussion day before yesterday, now krishna gave reason 4 that i m happy.

               most of tablets contains animal parts, i would recommend as health suppliment (normal weakness only for spl disease consult dr. take diag reports then again ask dr.)

    1.  nutricharge (for men and women) tablets as they have green symbol on them have almost all vitamins, minerals, anti oxidants, micro / macro nutritions take 1 tablet after breakfast.

    2. keep protein(cereals), crabs (vegetables and fruits) , fats (oil) in proper ratio. generally it is 45%- 45%- 10%

    3. for weak bones take milk(add 1 teaspoon cow ghee) if can't then take one shelcal tablet (500mg) morning and evening, normal req. for adult is 1000mg, pls don't take if u feel bones are ok (take only for 15 days max)

    4. for very weak people (old or disease like diabetic) those who feel fatigue (sometimes sudden e.g. after waking up, after taking meals) can take ayurvedic steroids like Shilajit tablets (i would say from ramdev baba medical store) it is for when Blood pressure goes down (it also causes fatigue) can consult ramdev baba clinic where diagnosis is free.

    note: for any bodily problems first we should find out root cause for that we need to do test such as liver, blood etc as per dr. advice.

    person having medical history should show all details before following medicine mentioned above.



    • Hari Haribol Prabhuji,

      Yes Krishna is most merciful and are best friend and well wisher, always providing us a platform to help devotees. I am most grateful for his mercy and all glories to your service with helping me, thank you.

      The nutricharge tablets look interesting, do you know of any UK stockists? I see on their website there are loads of different types, is there "one" that covers all vitamins esp B12 and vit D? Also are there any stockists here in United Kingdom you can refer me to?

      I was thinking of starting to take vitB12 tablets daily to help absorption of foods and help with my fatigue to see how I feel and was going to purchase them from a local health store, so long as they contain no animal products.



      • pls mention ur age, medical report details and daily routine.

        why don't u try whole body rejuvination course , get in to normal health first by proper diet and exercise.

        in uk u can find ramdev baba consultancy go for ayurvedic also it is good 4 long period.

        i don't know UK stockiest.


        • I will try finding Ramdev baba consultancy and see what they suggest.

          Main medical problem is ulcerative colitis for which I take alopatheic medication but it makes me very tired after prolonged periods of work / service to the extent my bones aches and my body needs more time to recover, compared to average 31yr old.

          Thanks prabhuji

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