Did Krishna punish Aurangazeb?

Hare Krishna,




 How would have been Vrindavan before Aurangazed reign ? Why did this fool demolish all

the temples and made krishna deities to move to other places. Why krishna allowed this

stupid to do all this destruction? why didn't krishna punish him? What could be the reason

for krishna's silence? Please some devotee throw light on this topic.

Servant of your servants


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  • Yes it happened . As far as I remember . It took place at Shree Nath ji Temple , Nathdwara Udaipur . Aurangzeb or may Muhammad Gauri/Ghazni (don't remember exactly which Mughal was that) , he came to stole the Diamond embedded at Lord Shri Nath ji's chin . So as soon as he attempted to took it out , he became blind . So he cried and ask for excuse . So he heared the Lord's voice - " Just clean the temple with your beared and get out ! "

    Ha ha ha
    Hari Bol !

    Jai Shrinath ji ki .
    Hare Krishna .
  • Volunteer

    Hare Krsna dear pr

    when we were doing parikrama of Govardhan Mahraj, HG Vishwaroop pr was explaining that at one of the temples aurangzeb was made to clean the temple using his beard, he was so mercilessly punished by Krsna in the material world itself. Regarding his punishment after death, Krsna's justice system is perfect, no one can escape, be it hitler, stalin, mussolini, aurangzeb or any such person. u know wat happened to ahmed shah abdali, taimur lame and so many mughal conquerers. abdali was killed by his own troops. taimur lame killed his guru and parents after going back to his country from india. So no one can escape Krsna's justice. they can escape material judiciary but not Krsna's justice.

    Regarding why Krsna allowed this to happen that He went to jaipur, Krsna wanted to go there. One very senior devotee told me that Krsna wanted to go to His devotees in Jaipur so He went to Jaipur. His dearest devotees are in Vrindavan still He went to jaipur so it must be that He wanted to go there. Krsna always protects His devotees. You know what happened to jatayu. He gave his life for Lord Rama but Lord Rama cried for His beloved devotee and personally did his last rites and also sent Him back to Godhead. Krsna protects His devotees .


    • Wow . Didn't knew that Aurangzeb was made to clean the temple with his beard . lol . Its quite hilarious when i imagine him doing that . Thanks for info my good friend Rakesh .

      Peace & Hare Krishna.

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    If we hear Vrindavan Lilas of Krishna we see mostly how much difficulties faced there Brajabasis:

    Rains of Indra; Lord Brahma's mistake; almost daily new demons; poisonous water; ....sometimes their homes used to get destroyed fully; sometimes they used to shift from one village into another to escape demons; ...

    Can we imagine ourselves in their place? What will happen to us if our home gets destroyed? What a suffering, isn't it?!

    So no matter Krishna was there close to them still they had so many problems in life.

    Krishna Consciousness does not mean shanti - or peace. Suffering person needs peace of mind, that is good.

    But Spiritual world is beyond peace. That world is active, dynamic.

    So when Krishna does something bad in one sense in other sense that thing might be the best option.

    So if we look to it from good side English people entering to India taught their English and now all English language speaking people have access to Vedas - Bhagavatam...

    Muslims entering into India destroyed the strong cast system or else at least they made it little weaker...

    so Lord knows, sees and does things for a long term.

    Because He knows future, past and present.

    Maybe Lord wanted to give all glories to His Devotees like Sanatana Goswami, Rupa Goswami...other siz Goswamis in reconstructing Vrindavan....

    Your servant,

  • Hare Krishna Manoj Prabhu. PAMHO .


    Btw , May be if Krishna wish , after going back to Home , back to godhead , we would be watching what happened within material world on a trancendental TV channel - the Material World Pastimes .

    Ha ha ha ( I once asked a Prabhu ji in temple if there are computers in spiritual world since material world is an ugly copy of trancendental world ! )

    Anyway nothing is impossible for Krishna . Afterall He is the supreme controller , even the "TIME Prabhu" .

    So I request don't worry for past or future . Be in present , afterall its our Krishna . We will watch the universal affairs again later . Not on TV . Lol . But somehow unknown . For the present moment be in present moment .

    Thank you very much .
    Hare Krishna .
    • Hare Krishna Prateek Prabhu,

      Is it wrong to know about history which made huge difference to vrindavan moving our lords deities to

      some other places? btw this is not daily universal affairs it is krishnas pastime. How terrible might have

      been the situation when all the vraj vaasis suffered under the rule of Aurangazed, how painful it might have been for them to give send off to their beloved krishna whom they worshipped daily in deity form. Forgive me for if iam offensive or too sentimental.

      Your Servant


  • Hari Bol ,

    Akash Prabhu PAMHO ,
    AGTSP .

    Here is an exerpt (part) from Bhavisya Puran , Pratisarg Parv (3rd Khand) , Chapter 31 -

    || ... Akbar ruled for 50 years without any obstacle. In the end he went to Swarg. His son was Salomaa (Saleem - Jahaangeer). He also ruled as his father did (50 yrs). His son was Khurdak (Khusaro - Shaahjahaan), he ruled for 10 years. He had four sons - his middle son was Navarang (Aurangzeb). He defeated his father and brother and then ruled. He was Andhak named Daitya in his previous life and came here (on earth) by the order of Daitya king. He destroyed many temples. Seeing this Devtaa again requested to Krishn Chaitanya living in Nadeehaa Van.* He gave him Shaap of destruction of his family line. That evil soul ruled for 49 years.

    *There is a difference of 300 years between the times of Chaitanya and Auranzeb, so maybe there was another very famous saint of Gaud community that time or maybe Bhagavaan Jagannaath Himself. Dr Yadunaath Sarkar's written historical biography of Aurangzeb of five volumes is very famous and standard. He has contributed to Cambridge history's later section of 4th part.

    At that time Sevaajaya (Chhatrapati Shivaajee), born in Mahaaraashtra, was ruling (in south). He was very good at war. He killed him and the crown went to his son Aalomaa (Bahaadur Shaah Zafar). Then he went to south. Aalomaa ruled for 5 years and died. Phalarush Mlechchh was born in Taalan's Vansh. He finished Mukal (Mugal) Vansh and ruled for 10 years. He was killed by his enemies. His son was Mahaamad who ruled for 20 years. At the same time Naadar (Naadir Shaah of Phaaras) named great robber came to the country, killed Aarya, won Devtaa and went back to Khuraj (Eeraan or Iran). Mahaamad's son Mahaamatsya, he ruled for 5 years. Thus born in Taalan Vansh, Mahaamatsya was killed by a Mahaaraashtra person. Maadhav ruled in Delhi for 10 years. He took the kingdom from Aalomaa (Bahaadur Shaah Zafar). After him there was no one king and thus 30 years passed. ||

    Source : "Sankshipt Bhavishya Puraan, Motaa Type", 4th ed, Gita Press, Gorakhpur, UP; Samvat 2060."

    Aakash Prabhu , personally I can't say wether the translation of Bhavisya Puran is 100% authentic or not . But for common sense it can't be fully mistaken also . Anyway not authentic , but intersting though . Anyway , Hope you got a satisfaction that Krsna is not simply watching .
    • Hare Krishna Prateek Prabhu !

      Very nice answer is given by you.

  • Hare Krishna !

    The Mughal era saw its decline during the reign of the Emperor Aurangzeb. He was one of the last great Mughal rulers who ruled India and when he died at the age of ninety, there were around 17 major plaintiffs for the throne. Aurangzeb sadly saw his sons and grandsons fight against each other to claim the throne.  The descendents of Aurangzeb were not able rulers and were not able to protect the name and fame of the Mughal Empire.  

    and I think this is the real punishment given by Lord. The most powerful dynasty came to end.

    Please forgive me if I am wrong somewhere. 


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