devotional service

hare krishna!

       some are doing devotional service,but due to some reason they are unable to follow.but after some time they do devotional service as before.why there is a break ?whats the reason? 

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  • False Ego
    The mind's need for feeling self significance.
    Excessively prostrating the mind tends to (dump) it's momentum/energetically. This my be cleansing! Perhaps' however it is impoverishing the self to the conditioned aspects of the mortal-Self.
    SelfLessness is an acquired tast. The Gods & the Angeles are all exalted beings. The one by their piaty the other by their Wisdom why should mankind be so self debased
    As it is only a matter of time before One will truly imbody the weekness that one portrays. Certainly there are just-as many reasions & more that one could think of to assume pious posturing & for the performance of selfless services. But "When the Holly Names Of Krishna enter into the CourtYard of the Heart they Concur the activities of the mind and therefore all the Sinces become innerT"
    This too to a materialist is an acquired tast that they may or may not ever trust whole heartedly. All this may apper to the conditioned mind & False Ego as exposing their more vulnerable underbelly so-to speek. Or perhaps God just doesn't feel that they are fitting into the mold put forward by the Screpts & the traditional customs of Hi's cultural expectations i.e. they are under Qulafyed for continuous contact? Free Will & being underwelmed or overwelmed could be issues too. The lack of interesting/uninterested companionship. ? Pros & cons are many fold & all are valid in some degree.
    But Krishna is *Most Pashunt! It's we that lack the resolve to trust tjat He can make good on all the promising potentials such as Redemption & deliverance in one lifeTime
    Or any number of unusually Dinamic abilities perfesed such as vtossing giemt JackAsses up into trees
    Or surviving a ride on a Herracain. Bottom- line I don't know why people do or don't do or act as yhey do. Good luck w/that!-)
  • it may be economical or health isssue. if that is our nearby we should help to go that regular. hare krishna

  • E-Counselor

    Hare Krsna Mataji,


    Doing devotional service is exercising free will. If they are unable to do, you should ask them why? Suppose circumstances or health is not permitting them to do devotional service, then it atleast sadhana should be maintained. There are 2 legs on which our devotional life stands - sadhana and service. One without the other is not going to give proper or fast enough results. 

    What is stopping them from doing devotional service. It would be nice if you could be more specific to get a proper answer.


    Your servant,

    Radha Rasamayi DD

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