Devotional life in Canada

Is it possible for an Indian to maintain good devotional life in Canada ? I heard it is difficult to survive as a vegetarian in Canada . 

Any suggestion from any resident of Canada or any devotee having practical experience of life in Canada or Knowledge from friends/relatives are most welcome  .

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  • E-Counselor

    There are a lot of devotees in Canada practicing Bhakti for many years now. Get in touch with them. Don't be afraid, by Srila Pabhupada's mercy we have devotees everywhere. If you are determined then you can also find ways to sustain in any situation. Wish you all the best.

    Hare Krishna

  • Volunteer

    I live in Sacramento on the west of United States. I dont think Canada will be lot different.

    Devotional life is great here. Vegetarian food can be found at every corner grocery store. 

    We should try to simplify our life by eating bananas and other fruit that are easily available. If you are looking for pakoras, you will find contamination with non veg, even in the Indian restaurants. 

    My experience singing Hare Krishna where ever I go, malls, Walmarts, Trader joes, flea markets, and even in the streets is well received. People love it. No complaints.

    • Situation in US and Canada is somewhat different . Life is miserable during long winter in Canada . In US life is easier that is what I heard from many people . Hence the discussion. 

      • Volunteer

        Canada is not much different than, lets say New York city.

        Which city are you going to? 

  • Volunteer

    There are lots of vegans here in the west. So many shops will have cruelty free soaps, all such things.

    Same with Vegan cafes. But Indian cafes are lot in number.

    Plus lots of opportunity to do seva at ISKCON centers.

    Your servant,

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