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Hare Krishna AGTSP...As we pass few years going to temple and chanting following regulative principles we vl be enthusiastic bt meantime if v stop reading books BT chanting not attentively then we feel like no more enthusiastic and and all our desires start reappearing.pls guide with your kind words

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  • Thank you Mataji
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    Hare Krsna mataji,


    This is the power of association mataji. When we are in the association of devotees, then we are constantly reminded of Krsna and learn a lot from their sadhana. Then we remain motivated. The trick is to remain motivated even when we are away from association for a while - that means you have understood and imbibed the philosophy and the effects of chanting are visible in you.


    Your servant,


  • Thank you so much prabhuji...for ur guidance.
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    Hare Krishna

    Just as water always flows downwards never upwards the nature of this material world is that it always takes us down and down. TO maintain ourselves always at higher consciousness, we need to put effort. 

    Mind always is looking for something new for its enjoyment. So this is why initially the enthusiasm we get is because of seeing new things around us, new kirtans, new mantra, new books, new dress etc. But as time passes by, we hear the same things, read the same things.. so mind tries to look for change. This is why we feel less enthusiastic afterwards.

    In the Bhakti rasamrta sindhu, Rupa goswami mentions - to be steady in devotional path, we need 2 things : Enthusiasm and Patience. Materially both of these may look exactly opposite, but in spiritual life, we need to have both of them.

    In temple, there are so many services which we may take up and perform enthusiastically which keeps us enthusiastic. If we are intellectually oriented, there are so much philosophy in Krishna Consciousness, we can keep exploring. So like this we have to identify where we can contribute to Srila Prabhupada's mission after we pass a few years in the movement rather than thinking where can I get some enjoyment in this process. So these services and building relationships among vaisnavas keeps us enthusiastic and keeps us going in our spiritual life.

    Hope it is understandable.

    Thank you.

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