Some people generally chant the Hare Krishna maha-mantra, yet they are attached to women, money and intoxication. Such people should be respected within one's mind, but their association should be avoided.

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  • Compassion springs to mind when dealing with those who are attached to these lower tastes....,however one must be situated on the madyama platform personally to be effective or following the orders of a spiritual master very sincerely!.He must be able to give krishna....with some empathy and expertise to set those locked up in durga's domain free,or at least provide some releif by hopefully supplying Srila Prabhupada's books and some prasadam!This uttama adhikari comment is nonsense since an ''uttama'' does not preach.These ''uttama'' comments are usually from outside iskcon,usually from the narayanna maharaja camp ....who are simply intent on stealing iskcon devotees....though narayanna maharaja is unauthorised ,we should should respect him from a safe distance....refusing to listen to their nonsense!
  • absolutely right we should respect each & every one but should do association of only uttma adhikari
    • But still, surely, we also need to help and encourage those weaker than ourselves. If everyone would only seek the association of completely pure devotees, who would preach, and how would junior devotees form solid friendships with each other?

      I suppose there is a difference between giving and taking association. If one is sufficiently strong in spiritual life, he uplifts and purifies the people he comes in contact with, while at the beginning stages of our devotional journey, one can easily be influenced by such hypocrites and lower ones standards, which will stop his progress.

      What are your thoughts about how to balance these issues?
    • Hari Bol
      • Someone who discusses spiritual matters or practises spiritual life with those who are entrapped by the snake-like noose of worldly enjoyment will become infected with desire to enjoy sense objects. Therefore, my humble advice to everyone is not to do so.
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