Devotees Not having children - What to do?

Hare Krishna to all devotees,

A question I want to ask all - Hope it would be attempted to be answered in the right KC way.

If a devotee couple are not able to have children by natural means for quite some years, should they or can they adopt medical help/arficial methods? What does the scriptures prescribe? Should they ask Krishna for this mercy or should they leave it to Krishna's decision - whether to bless them with the child or not?

Request you to quote from experience, shastras and from Gurus who would have spoken about it.

Hare Krishna!



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  • Hare Krsna,

    There is also a specific ekadasi on which you can fast in order to beget a child. I believe it's called Putrada ekadasi. The ekadasi story is very informative.

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      Hare Krsna dear devotees,

      I  cannot suggest a very good answer on this but I can surely suggest an initiating spiritual master who will give a perfect answer for this.

      His name is Sankarsana Das Adhikary Prbhuji, he is GBC and initiating spiritual master.

      His emaild id is


  • ||My humble pranAms to all Krshna Devotees|| ||Krshnam Vande Jagd-Gurum||

    Hi Rajesh Prabhu,

    Adoption is a noble way of helping the society. It gives us an opportunity to provide unconditional love to the child knowing the fact that though the child may not share our blood it still can deserve our love as parents. Krshna, sure will bless for the fact as He too was raised by foster parents (Nanda Maharaj and Yashoda Rani). Krshna will help raise the child in the KC way when we dedicate our activities for the service & pleasure of Krshna.

    Considering the other scientific means of begetting a child - test-tube baby, medically-assisted conception, surrogate womb all have their place of use and I wouldn't outright reject that they are bad options either. Our spiritual literature and puranas all have many such instances (e.g. the Pandavas, King Pandu and Dhritharashtra). So more than- how the birth was, how the life is lived that matters, which lies in the way the child is brought up.

    As BMataji Maral pointed - the consciousness of the doctor and the kind of soul coming into the baby - we have to do our earnest prayers via chants, reading bhagavatham, remembering Krshna and seeking His blessings for a good soul to enter the baby.

    When we trust Krshna, He will do what's best for us.

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      Hare Krishna dear Devotees, please accept my humble obeisances! all glories to Srila Prabhupada!

      His Holiness Bhakti Vidya Purna Swami Maharaja told in His lecture that parents are those who took care of a child not those who just gave birth.

      in the history we know as i remember Maharaja Shantanu's father was adopted or... some King was adopted and installed to the throne  because the real king's sons were not qualified to sit on the throne.


      Duryodhana and his brothers appeared in the way like cloning. Even those days were used cloning (it is not new). And it says that since time immemorial demons want to take birth in the Earth planet. But they can not enter into the womb of a pious people. Because of that they use other ways like:

      at the time of cloning, or in the womb of non chaste women, or from the parents who are weak spiritually or when it is done without proper marriage rituals, samskaras.


      Rajesh Prabhu, if You decide to adopt a child then You can check his/her horoscope or if it is not known then palmistry. But try to find an astrologer who is ISKCON Devotee. Because what is good for materialistic astrologers might be not so good for a Devotee.


       It is better to have child in Grihastha ashram. it is better for Your wife also to have a child and take care of him. Because woman taking care of child and family members cultivates good qualities like: self sacrifice, unselfishness, forgiveness, tolerance, humility...

      And when she gets old there would be a person who will protect her even of husband renounces home.

      Your servant, 




  • Hare Krishna, PAMHO.

    Thank you all wonderful devotees for taking time out for answering this. Deepak Prabhu, Siddhartha Prabhu , thanks for the suggestion. However as Sudheendra prabhu says, it is (all said and done) a very sensitive issue and adoption needs a large heart..however, it is a KC option nonetheless.

    Maral mataji, thank you for your suggestion and example. This is the ultimate step.... I beg krishna to give me the knowledge and make me humble enough to take this step.I understand the issues with artificial methods ... your thoughts just confirm them.

    Krishna Rupa DD mataji - this is being done/attempted... but due to the material conditioning there is always the expectation and hence a sort of a void in the activities.


    Thanks for your time.


    Request devotees to let me know if you have any other thoughts on this subject as well.   


    Hare Krishna.

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    Hare Krishna Rajesh Prji,


    This is very crucial decision in life so be careful in choosing the right one. Adoption is a good idea that you will have a ready made child and you can bring up the child the way you want to be. However, some people may not be ready mentally to accept some ones unwanted child as our own. Think on all these lines first.

    Regarding medical help, its better you contact some devotee doctors here on IDT Ask the panel of doctors about your problem. But before that its better both of you get tested and have the reports handy when asked by doctor.

    My mother used to watch Baba Ramdev's program in TV daily and I have seen many people who could not have child for almost 10-15 years after their marriage got child after doing some pranayama and yoga. This is also a good option to try out. However, its a slow process and we need to be patient enough.

    May Lord Krishna help you!!

    Hari bol!!!

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    There are 2 ways of seeing this problem, One is to think that all this is because of the past karma that i am not able to get a child and leaving it to Krishna whether He wants to give a child or not. Second, Desperately wanting a child and performing penances just like Chitraketu called for Angira Muni and took his blessing to get a child Harshashoka.

    So if some couple have desire to bring up a child, then the adopted child can be brought up in a KC way, this will be an ultimate service to the child and also the parents get lot of Spiritual credits.

    adopting a child and giving him KC is lot better than somehow getting a child and making him bereft of KC. Because KC is the ultimate requirement of each and every soul.


    • good answer rather perfect answer....also one way of looking at it would be that krishna wants me to do his service in the mission more and more preaching book distribution or deity cooking and fund collection ....always take every misery as mercy of krishna ...krishna's plans are perfect for us ...where our plans fails his mercy starts from there 

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        Hare Krishna dear Devotees, please accept my humble obeisances! all glories to Srila Prabhupada!

        i know Devotee couples who did not have child for 20 years and still they do not have. She is now over 40 and they decided to adopt Govindaji as their Child :-)

        They have Radha Govindaji and they fully dedicated their life to serve to Them. They are rich and they use their money just to worship their Deities opulently. they invite Devotees to their house have katha, kirtan Prasadam.

        i know how nowadays people use some other artificial methods in order to have a child. Like using embryo or something like that. But it is very dangerous because at the time of conception it is decided what kind of soul enters into the embryo. if the doctor's consciousness is not good then...

        or else i heard that in order not to have a ghost as a child  couples should be married properly or other wise ghost will take birth as their child.  


        Another thing You can visit ayurvedic Devotee doctors and astrologers. If You have done that then i heard that using cow especially bull urine  helps a woman to be able to begot a child...please find in goshala web sites about this.

        Your servant, 

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