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Hare Krsna, I want association of devotees doing CA Final and at verge of completion. How to balance between CA and Spirituality is great concern, Please Communicate me.

The Course Structure is quite unfavorable to Bhakti, I am facing great difficulty in practical life to handle this situation, Any suggestions, Guidance are very much welcome.

YAS Susant,

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    Hare KRsna Prabhuji,


    I have also done CA. Incidentally I started to chant before I enrolled for the course and continued chanting through the course, exam dates included. I wasn chanting only 8 rounds those days, but I diligently did them everyday. So its possible. In fact, I did not even take tuitions for CA, I studied on my own. My father was very categorical that he will not pay for my tuitions - he told me what will happen, you will fail. Good, I want you to fail. That was the biggest motivation for me to pass. In fact, once I cleared the exam, he distributed sweets to the entire extended family.

    You can put every other spiritual activity on hold if you are appearing for the exams in Nov this year, but you have to chant everyday, whatever your committed no of rounds are. If you are reading Gita everyday now, then it would be advisable to continue one page reading everyday.

    Other things like prasadam, association, you forget for now. Chant, chant, chant. Krsna will show you the way to pass the exam. Will you believe what he did for me - CA finals, I could not handle Accounts, Mgt Accounts, Tax, Costing... so many subjects. He arranged for my seniors - who had ranked all India between 1 - 10, to teach me personally. They would bunk their office and teach me. In fact, even during the exams, I would complete one paper and go to his (he became my rakhi brother) house and he would come back from office and last minute we would revise for a couple of hours and then I would go home. Next day, what I revised with him only came. This happened twice or thrice.

    Best of luck,

    Have faith in KRsna and chant and study, you will clear. Plan yuor studies properly. You need one full study and two revisions.


    Your servant,



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