hare Krishnamy name is sreenivasulu, I came from andhrapradesh to Bangalore, I do 16 rounds of chanting, i want to stay with devotees so that my saadhana will be god, now presently I am staying at electronic city,my office is also electronic city. Can anyone say where iskcon devotees staying near to electronic city

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  • Devotee sreenivasalu, I stay in Bangalore at Ulsoor. If interested, message me.
  • Hare Krishna Prabhuji! Kindly tell which city.  If it is Noida then you can join Noida ISKCON temple and take the further infromation from there only

    • Hare krishna prabhuji thanks for your reply, one month back I joined in bace(Bhakthivedanta academy for cultural education), now my sadhana is improved lot


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    Please search the addresses here Prabhu

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