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hare krishna

all books of prabhupada talks about association of devotees. but where i live devotees dont behave like 1. they always try to make other devotees to feel low. coz of that makes me leave the temple. they taunt you when they get to know your weakness. one side prabhpada says associate with devotees and the other side devotees makes you cry. please help me? 

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  • in kali yuga, we can see that happening to us or someone else everyday.

    SB 12.2.2 — In Kali-yuga, wealth alone will be considered the sign of a man’s good birth, proper behavior and fine qualities. And law and justice will be applied only on the basis of one’s power.
    SB 12.2.3 — Men and women will live together merely because of superficial attraction, and success in business will depend on deceit. Womanliness and manliness will be judged according to one’s expertise in sex, and a man will be known as a brāhmaṇa just by his wearing a thread.
    SB 12.2.4 — A person’s spiritual position will be ascertained merely according to external symbols, and on that same basis people will change from one spiritual order to the next. A person’s propriety will be seriously questioned if he does not earn a good living. And one who is very clever at juggling words will be considered a learned scholar.
    SB 12.2.5 — A person will be judged unholy if he does not have money, and hypocrisy will be accepted as virtue. Marriage will be arranged simply by verbal agreement, and a person will think he is fit to appear in public if he has merely taken a bath.
    SB 12.2.6 — A sacred place will be taken to consist of no more than a reservoir of water located at a distance, and beauty will be thought to depend on one’s hairstyle. Filling the belly will become the goal of life, and one who is audacious will be accepted as truthful. He who can maintain a family will be regarded as an expert man, and the principles of religion will be observed only for the sake of reputation.
    devotee of lord is person with devotion for lord.
    its  not every person you see in the temple of lord, real devotee.
    wearing cloths and position in  society does not make someones  devotee of lord.
    devotee of lord dont like to talk about anything but lord and his past times, he or she also dont make discrimination between one person and another on any base, and he or she is friendly to everyone.
    therefore you should avoid association of those who are not warm ,soft and polite to you,
    and associate with those who are friendly.
    otherwise, its every possibility to leave  society ,
    wrongly judging everything and everyone by losing faith in all movement.
    • hare krsna

      what if the devotees are senior and initiated?

      • devotees of lord are soft in the heart, merciful and dear to everyone.

        there is devotees and those without any devotion for lord or non devotees, this is only classification.

        actually , even non devotees are originally full of love for lord,

        but that devotion is like in the deep sleep, and need to be waken up.

         therefore, if we want to become real devotees, we should always forgive  everyone , just to please the most dear lord.

        • the way i read in srila prabhupada's books senior devotees is to guide fallen souls but they are all in race they don't want to help but they want others to leave kc so that that person can be 1st. i thought kc is to bring everyone in one room but some devotees here want to kick them out.

          • E-Counselor

            Hare Krsna dear Bhavika mataji,


            I am sorry, I am not able to explain to you one simple thing - do not be bothered about others sadhana and karma, bother about your own sadhana and karma.

            Will you give up devotion simply because senior devotees in your local temple want you to  -  no na. Then why are you giving so much importance to what they want?

            You do your sadhana, for guidance come to online forums like this, watch lectures on you tube and, watch kirtans, boat festivals, aratis on net and chant and be happy.

            It doesnt matter that the devotees are initiated or not - God does not see the degree - oh this person is bhakti shastri, so entry allowed, this person is IInd initiated, so entry allowed.... NO. Krsna only sees the sincerity of purpose and purity of heart. To achieve this, one has to have single minded focus on one's sadhana and devotional service.

            Go to the local temple, attend the aratis, lectures if there are any, eat sumptous prasadam and come back. Do  not look for association there if your mind wanders to these things. You can sit in front of Srila Prabhupada and chat with him, opening your heart to him. You will feel the difference.


            YOur servant,


            • hare krshna rashmi mataji

              thank u and i guess that will be the best thing i can do now.

  • E-Counselor

    Hare KRsna dear mataji,


    My advise is - Be the Change You Want to See. Next time you see any devotee having any (say) health problem, take care of that devotee. If possible, send prasadam to her house for some days so that she neednt cook. Inquire about her health and suggest doctors if you know. Dont bother to correct anyone - preach with your compassionate behaviour.

    Its a long and painful journey, but its possible. You do not have to reform anyone. You can reform yourself. YOu can learn from others what you dont want to become. That is also a learning. You dont pick up the qualities that you dont like in others.

    Be very firm in your chanting and do mangal arati everyday. This way, you will get the energy to do what I am asking you to do. If nothing else, you will make tremendous progress in spirituality. What more do you want?


    Your servant,


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