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Hare krishna  dear devotees I wanted to ask you one serious question .....
I live in a area where there is no krishna conscious friend and no temple i am in class 12 and feel like talking to someone with whom i can share everything of my heart who can always motivate me for my shadhna...I really feel very very lonely to such an extend that I have lost interest in life and other matters and whenever I talk to children in my neighbour due to their sangdosh I start talking of vulgar things and after that I feel very guilty but do it again and again plz plz help me I asked it to many people but the answers were not satisfactory plz help me it would mean a lot

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  • Hare Krishna,

    I don't see what is so vulgar to talk with children? Children are pure at heart. How can you get any sangha dosha. When speaking with children do you indulge in bad talks with them? that means you sangha is bad for the children.

    Instead of seeing their friendship is spoiling you. See that maybe you are spoiling the child's pure hearts.

    Change your atttitude. How can anyone behave or talk bad with children?

    By children I am guessing they are younger to you. Like ( 8-12 yr old)??

    because 13+ yrs are called youth.

    with children if you talking vulgar means you are at fault. You must rectify this behavor or else you are the culprit who is spoiling the beautiful pure hearts of children.

    Hare Krishna.

    • I am taking if 15+ children mataji 

      • Oh, I see then how old are you to call these group as children. Are you in 30's or 40's?

        • They are on 10 standard a d i am in 12 standards  

          I have friends of my age too with children i was regarding a grp of ages

  • Hare krishna 

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  • E-Counselor

    Hare Krsna Prabhuji,


    I can understand your situation. You would be surprised how many are in similar situation. So until we can change our situation, we have to live in the same circumstances and do the best we can with full sincerity.

    In Class 12, please concentrate on your studies. You are an ambassador of Krsna. So if you get less marks, everyone including family members will say that you went into devotion and didnt spend time on studies. Do well, get into an IIT. MOst IIT in India have active preaching going on. 

    Having said that, you can get into online sanga until such time you find devotees in your area or you are able to move out. You can join whatsapp groups of devotees where he topic is Krsna - His name, bhajans, temple openings, quotes, lecture links and then take it forward. 

    Read when you can - there are booksof Srila Prabhupada on 

    Best of luck prabhu.


    Your servant,

    Radha Rasamayi DD

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