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    According to Bhagavad-Gita, the Supreme Personality of God Head says." I am the beauty of the woman.Chapter 10." So, when one woman is exquisitely beautiful,we should think that her beauty is due to Krishna's gift due to her past karma and she is only meant for Krishna's service--like that of Gopi's loving service. Thus that particular woman should be praised for the shake of her services to the Lord. Same time,the same beautiful girl or woman shouid not be puffed off or proud of her beauty as it was gifted by the Lord,the Supreme enjoyer. Rather,she should fear the all might Lord who can wash away her beauty in no minutes if the Lord so desires.

  • Try loving the Lord.It taste much better.

    In your given context only one reason really - punishment. Nobody wants to be held responsible for the ensuing chaos stemming from their own immorality.

    As for your header you cannot be "detached from charm and beauty". We are made to appreciate charm and beauty. The only thing wrong is that our ability to appreciate charm and beauty among other things are misdirected and abuse to gratify our senses. We gratify our senses because we constantly feel empty. So in order to fill that void, we resort to a cheap substitute - sense gratification, and the eye wateringly clear evidence about this fact is that we are never satisfied. Our thirst is never quench. So, like a drug addict we increase the dosage of our self gratification since the first few milligram of sense gratification is no longer giving us the high we want. As we increase in our dosage we eventually gets irreparably damaged or get killed or worse.

    So, the question is what are we trying to fill and with what are we supposed to fill that emptiness?

    It's to first know ourselves. Study ourselves. Discover ourselves through righteous duty. We've got to know our purpose. If we don't know ourselves we are just going to messed up like the world already is. It's so messed up...the world's gone insane! So, when we finally realized who we really are that's when we begin to fill that emptiness with the actual substance - that of the Lord and His glories and our relations to Him.

    Fear is the greatest motivator and to jump-start a potential devotee in ignorance, fear is instilled. His mercy is reflected differently according to the condition of the living entity. The point being we all have to start somewhere. Nobody is neglected or left behind. That's the greatness of Lord Krishna.

    It's all a means to a worthwhile end.

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