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I was born in India in a village called Mota near Bardoli in the district of Surat in Gujarat.  Currently I live in South Africa.  Ever since I can remember I have loved Krishna and was always attracted to him.

Recently I had a dream, in the dream a group of people including me were looking for something valuable with ground metal detectors.  Suddenly the earth shook and I was in a cave.  I looked around and felt that I was being watched.  I looked up and a large Shila about 2 to 3 meters long and 1.5m wide with diamond shape markings all along it was looking down at me.  Then there was a network of lilac beams which emanated from this big Shila connecting many smaller Shilas of various shapes and sizes. 

When I awoke I had an intense need or desire to be in the presence of Shaligram Shila.  I wanted Shaligram and visited many websites.  There were hundreds on offer and "donation" prices attached to each.  I had read and heard that Its a sin to purchase or sell Shaligram as that would be placing a value on God who is priceless. I was weary of this and as much as I desired to have Shaligram I was not going to place value on God.  I was agreeable with the idea that I would pay someone for their effort/expense in getting the Shaligram.  What I could not understand is why various "donation" values placed on "better quality",  "less quality"  etc.  I would not take the chance of placing value on God,  I thought that if God had revealed himself to me in the dream them surely if I am worthy, then he'd come by any means.

I had spoken with a few people about my dream and my desire.  A Guruji Kirit Acharya went to India and upon returning Gifted me Shaligram. I am eternally in his debt and very fortunate that God had chosen me to be his devotee.  I have very limited knowledge on identifying the various Shaligram Shilas and would appreciate the help of any qualified person to help identify the Shaligram. I will upload more detailed photos of Shaligram shila. I am enjoying serving Shaligram and everybody's welcome to come and serve the Lord.

shri shaligram 1.jpg

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  • hare krishna.all glory to shri shaligrama


  • prabhu, you are so lucky that krishna has select you as his devotee.everybody says that it is very easy to satisfy by offering tulasi and water to saligram bhagawan.if possible plant more and more represent vrindavan dham.radhakrishna reside there alltime. put soil of tulasi to your helps in increasing the speed of bhakti sadhana.
    jai radhekrishna
    • hare krishna!
      thank you savita, i will surely going to put soil of tulsi on my forhead.
    • Jai Shri Krishna..

      Dear Savitha, thank you for the wonderful knowledge.. Saligram Ki Jai! Krishna Ki Jai!
  • Jai Shri Krishna...

    Dear "sukumar n", I am one of those that feel(emotion) more then able to describe in writing so I'll give you link to the spiritual knowledge imparted by great devotees. All I can say is that Shaligram is Bhagwan/God Narayana himself. You'll find all that you want to know from the above link.
  • hare krishna prabhu, tell me about saligram sila and service of saligram sila.
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