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    Hare Krsna Prabhuji,


    The nature of kaliyuga is the age of hypocricy and quarrel. It is mentioned people in kaliyuga are manda budhi, manda bhagya, manda sumanda matayo.

    Unhealthy lifestyle is the reason for poor health and depression among youth today. Breakdown of the family system - today both parents are working, and its a nuclear family setup, so the children have no one to fall back on. There is no cushioning of emotions and physical support that happens naturally in a joint family setup. Children learn to adjust also, to listen to elders, to respect them - all that happens naturally, without much external effort. 

    Last week itself, I was witness to a 75 year old lady showing her displeasure on a 25 year old man, for not fulfilling some responsibility he had taken up. It was a minor rebuke. For that, this boy actually told me, I do not like to be scolded and was really upset, so much so that the old lady apologised to him. This is the situation of the youth today. And this boy is on the path of devotion - trying to understand our philosophy. What to speak of normal youths, who have not seen respect of elders at all. 

    Unhealthy lifestyle - I dont think I need to explain at all - weekend for today's kids means visit to the mall and buying something they want. They live on fast food, eat out, no exercise, no healthy eating, no chanting of mantras to tame/ calm the mind, possessions are seen as source of happiness and people are used, what else will happen?


    Your servant,

    Radha Rasamayi DD

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