Hari bol

I have contacted you before a long time ago.

I have made 58 videos on youtube but they are deleted now

I have started again ,I have 1 video so far called FOOD FOR THESE DEMOCIDAL TIMES.

I have asked many devotees to check what I have done .So far no one has helped me.So I am asking you also .Please will you subscribe to my youtube channel called nottel lingyou .

I feel I am the only devotee doing the right thing in these democidal times .

I use what I have learnt from Veda to serve people of the truth movement in order to serve Krsna .

I am a neophyte devotee but I have studied Veda for 11 years but I need someone to approve what I have done ,I do not want to offend Krsna.I do not feel I am offending anyone but I am the only devotee doing what I am doing.The world is a mess and I can not sit idle knowing what I know about Democide ,and a long list of tyranny that is growing rapidly ,that all fit the agenda of Agenda 21 .

Please subscribe to my channel ,it does not cost any subscribe then the box next to it then 2 more boxes appear ,click them ,then save and you should get new videos of mine.Petition videos also coming soon.

Please ,humanity is suffering so bad just look at those clouds .They are not clouds,they are Chemtrails that form man made clouds made in conjuntion with HAARP .That is just  a small fraction of the tyranny and a growing number of truth seekers are demanding the truth and it is our duty to help them towards the absolute truth .Hare Krsna .

Please watch that video for more details. nottel lingyou needs devotees support to leave comments about Krsna ,pasting, sharing ,make you own video .There is no time to waste .


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  • I meant I'm in on your same wavelength...I'm very concerned about chemtrails!
  • I'm new to krishna consciousness. I'm not new to awareness of the depopulation agenda.
    Also new to this network
    Please advise how I can subscribe and follow u...I'm in
    Harekrsna...a link will be useful
  • Thank you for your message prabhuji, that word democide, did you hear it first time in Alex Jones documentary? cuz I know I did. 

    Devotees of the Lord have ambiguous religious understanding, having come from all aspects and trades, they rejoice in worshiping lord Krishna without even understanding the situation of their own societies.

    It is absolutely true that we can live very great lives full of nice moments and in great company. But remember what Prabupada did? he was 65 when he came to americas without 1 dollar to preach Krishna consciousness? He could have lived in comfort of sanyasi lifestyle back at home. 

    look how God rewarded him.

    Devotees of sri krishna should look like prabhupada did; if they say prabhupada is Gurudev. then they should do like Gurudev does. 

    It is true that agenda 21 seems to have a very nocif or evil plan behind itself. 

    but doesn't God have one other plan as well that perhaps we are unaware of prabhu?

    regardless of what God does or does not or what plans are in place:

    prabhu u are doing what u think is right, other humans are doing what they think is right as well. 

    ur influence is spread to others, both in good and bad ways.

    many people who read ur message will read it and do nothing about it.

    of the minimal group that will look it up, some will search google or other source for agenda 21 to know more of what u talk about.

    the ocean of information filth that is the internet, they'll bathe in disinformation for most of their time looking on the net.

    eventually perhaps some of them will read the actual agenda 21 documents and the plans for depopulation and these things alike; and they will understand that the future is not for krishna devotees, or basically any devotee of God.

    while devotees of Krishna are busy reciting maha mantra to attain heavenly planet. I am more concerned of how in their "refusing" to work in and for society, they think they are actually "freeing" themselves of bonds, of which they have received no real freedom. 

    born again and again in this world, at one time krishna conscious or not, humanity is still in a deplorable state. 

    unfortunately most devotees are like the average human being, krishna and prabhupada are only part of their lives and not how they live their lives. 

    its like taking 15 years to eat the same cake. 

    in the coming years perhaps, and if there is a civil war in the US, many devotees will suffer tremendously; we'll see how much devotee they are at that time...

    u see prabhu; devotees of Krishna in todays day meet in nice temples, eat great feasts of prasadam, that actually tastes great! they don't have to beg to eat, and when they are sanyasi, they get all honors but don't live like sanyasi of india who have nothing but some cloth on shoulders and whatever chants they have memorized...

    although we live in community, this society is collapsing, and so will our material welfare and compromise will begin taking place. lots of devotees will go once more for money and sense comfort as they truly are devotees of sensual comfort.

    and even there prabhu, is it not all our destiny and duty to obtain material comfort for our children and our parents for that when they reach advanced age they may be secure and well? 

    the new world order who is a pseudo spiritual transvesti of power and greed; based on occult magic and practices that they don't understand but that they want to emulate, but constantly have to manifest or "control" with the subservient methods which u speak of Darpa, harpp, economic crisis, wars, drugs, psychotropics, religions, cults, and other modalities of the such. these pseudo religious beings will offer mankind far more in the future.

    my friend, as u probably have heard in the apocalypse of john in the christian bible; there will be separation of what is good and what is bad, and the bad will perish. 

    prabhu, i appreciate ur effort in brining awareness or reminding other krishna devotees of their birth duty to save, maintain and preserve human species and culture. 

    if we don't have water to drink; when will we able to sit to chant maha mantra?

    hopefully devotees are not concerned about living life, making money and their spiritual egotism alone.

    but would that surprise u prabhu? that people who live lives full of materialism only take of religion and spirituality the "self-development" component and do nothing both in life and spiritual service NOTHING to evolve other beings?

    ask frankly our readers here prabhu, how many times have they chanted maha mantra for themselves, and how many times have they chanted maha mantra to liberate others. 

    Lord Prabhupada who brought maha mantra to the west, has not chanted as many times as all other krishna devotees combined, and yet, by his effort to liberate the west from its own mental destiny; he has performed more than all krishna devotees combined, who in all due respect, originate from him, within the material conception of spirituality or tradition (parampara).

    prabhu, having noticed urself that people are concerned about material wellbeing and then among the few exceptions some are concerned about their spiritual benefit and well-being, of which they enjoy NOHTING in this life; well then prabhu, how many people are really susceptible to your message even within our community?

    Prabhu, we have no choice, we must double our effort, for every soul left asleep. 

    Shivo ham shivam, shiva swaroopo, shiva swaroopo, shiva swaroopo

    • deleted by admin

      • I am very sorry Prhahu I do appologies sinscerly I was doing my best to explain it took over an hour as you can see and you have a go at me for leaving a ? off after Good .That 6am mark above is not the start of my day it is ,because I was up all night just like many others must do sometimes when they are fully awake to how we must do what we can .I had more letters to write after ,not just you and in the end I was falling asleep typing .Now you are not helping me at all you are giving me orders TELL is an order .I am not saying it is your fault it is all my fault .Sorry another Mistake it took me 2 hrs spent on you .Look above ,that not a lie 

        I am going to I delete my profile from here to not offend you again .I am not on here to arguee ,Goodbye 

    • Hari bol Asur vasudev.

      Thank you for your long reply .it is 4am here and this is the trouble with doing what I am doing all by myself ,I have made a lot of work and don't get to sleep anywhere near on time and my chanting has reduced to none at all some days.I have come to the end now ,I can not do any more .But I do feel Krsna approved ,just not 100% sure because doesn't Krsna  say they  are in illusion ,do not disturb them .I would never get through to them anyway  .I am hoping Krsna will support what I do and carry what I lack .

      Yes I heard the word Democide first from Alex Jones and that is because government who are run by the illuminati  took it out of the dictionary .I have chosen my information carefully a lot of it is from good people that believe  in God  and I can see it is true ,Take Chemtrails ,the first time I saw one over 10 years ago ,I could see something was wrong ,yet most people have not seen them yet.I throw in the towel .Even devotee's tell me no they are just vapour ,it's always been like that and will not even look at how many videos are dissaproving  and now they have dropped in one US state DU human blood and nano tech that can 3d print to name but a few ,how could I ever get them to see the truth about that .

      It sounds like you are doing the same as i have been doing .  What do you do?They will only  go and vote for a different enslaver . 

      There are rascals everywhere .I could upload a video here I have just notice but there are 2 identical sites 2 devotees told me .So I checked with them "can you assure me this is the right site ",they replied ,which site are you on? I said this one of course ,I got no reply just a donate email .What sort of an answer is that prabhu ,you try it and see what they say.Dont send any money unless they give you  a proper address to send in the post .This is one reason we need a spiritual master but you can not contact them, even on you tube and they do not mention Tyranny so I guess neither should we ,just chant .

      it is 5 am now see ,where is this advancement that technology will bring .I could of said this on the landline  telephone in a few minutes . If you are on youtube we can communicate on there see each others videos and hear you at least but unless ISKCON wakes up or tells us to do this I just say no I've done enough .

      I havent got time now but if I see I can not delete my profile with ease on here then it's a fake site .I think I did look once and could not find delete profile .

      What this you are chanting for shiva ,thats not good 

      Yes Agenda 21 is evil alright and its well underway,quickest way for anyone to lean now, I say is youtube not books or typing for an hour. but it was nice to here you think I am doing my duty .I hope to here from you on youtube I am nottel lingyou channel     .06.02 now.I can just imagine the mess this world will be in if we have to come back here again .I would do what these suicide teenager clusters are doing only I would starve myself to death, that is the recommended way in Veda if life gets too bad and they do it to some old people now in hospitals ,just don't give them water ,if ill already ,it only takes a few days.    

       Hare Krsna .  

  • E-Counselor

    Hare Krsna Prabhuji,


    Pls send the link.

    Secondly, if you want approval for what you have made, it may be a good idea to contact your local ISKCON temple and ask an authority in that temple, maybe Temple President or GBC to check what you have made and approve.

    We are all neophytes here. We may not be advanced enough to guide you or to be able to judge whether what you have made is in accordance to KC.


    Your servant,


    • Thank you so much for taking the time to reply and for the advice and I like the way you have worded it 'accordance to KC ,Thanks

      I have tried the temple but they do not know very much about it and how important it is .

      I do not have much time right now to say more but here is the link I hope it works and it will be nice to see on youtube that you have signed it 

      If you do go to the link I have 1 other video too about Prasadam that you  might enjoy .

      I Have a inistiated friend who has subscribed and that gave me much joy .Sorry to rush must get some sleep

      Hare Krsna and thanks again

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