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    it is as like to say wife serving to many Prabhus :(


    the second is Lord Vishnu is not a Demigod, dear Mataji.

    He is Krishna's full expansion.


    Krishna says to abandon all religions and surrender to Him. He did not say to worship all and everyone.

    Because we do not have capacity to please them all. We are insignificant living entities who have to work daily in order to earn some money for our bread then where is the talk about pleasing Demigods?

    But if we please Krishna by offering Him with love and devotion one flower or one fruit them everyone will be satisfied.

    Better is quality not quantity, isn't it?!

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  • HAre Krishna mataji


    Worshipping so many demigods is neither essential nor advisable by our previous Acharyas like HDG Srila Prabhupada. Krishna Consciousness is the path of pure spiritualism i.e. Bhakti in which we can progress only if we follow the footsteps of previous acharyas and Vaishnavas.

    Also, even if you want to satisfy demigods like Shiva,Durga, Ganesha etc still you should worship Krishna completely because Krishna is the root of them all. If you pour water to the roots the tree is more satisfied as compared to your watering stems and leaves individually. Our Acharyas knew all these facts thats why they have never encouraged demogod worship to us.

     when you chant hare krishna or you offer a flower or tulasi leaf or anything to Krishna all 33 crore demigods , all 84 lakh species of life and every living being possible in whole cosmic manifestation becomes satisfied and happy to you.

    LORD VISHNU is not demigod but a plenary expansion of Krishna , so is non different from Krishna.He is Krishna himself in his four handed form.

    But this doesn't mean that we do not pay obeisances to any demigod or demean them. Vaishnavas have great respect for all demigods and they see them as superior devotees of Krishna. So if we disrespect them then we will commit vaishnav aparadh. We must respect them but worshiping is meant for Krishna only. Even if you go to demigod's temple then ask them for helping you to attain  krishna bhakti like Gopis did to Durga mataji.

    So conclusion is that only by chanting Hare krishna mahamantra and worshiping Krishna is essential and advisable for us all.

    your servant


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