demigod worship

It is said in the book 'KRISHNA' that by worshipping the other gods like 'SHIVA' OR 'BRAMHA' one cannot become completely 'KRISHNA CONSCIOUS'.But it is very clearly stated in the 'SRIMAD BHAGAVATAM' that 'SHIVA' or 'BRAMHA' all are incarnations of Lord Vishnu or Krishna. Then by not worshipping them aren't we indirectly disrespecting Lord Krishna?

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    • wah wah bhaiya! u know so many thngs! nowonwards u r my guruji!
  • krishna is the ultimate creator.all the demigods are under is like krishna is the root of the tree and the demigods are the branches.just as the tree is nourished by watering the root similarly the demigods will be more pleased if u serve and please the supreme lord.we should nt disrespect the demigods but it is sufficient we worship krishna.all the demigods will be pleased.
    • Hari bol,
      Thank you everyone for the reply. I would like to add some points I learned recently.

      If we worship krishna we will have more respect for other demigods as well.
      There are 3 modes in which an individual can be
      1. Mode of ignorance : People living in this mode mostly worship lord Shiva, Maa Durga
      2. Mode of Passion : People in this mode worship lord Bhrama
      3. Mode of goodness : People in this mode worship Lord Rama, Krishna

      The Vedas say that every person can be in any of these modes at a given point of time, and the respective demigods they worship help them in elevating their state of consciousness to a higher level, the ultimate path is to go back to Godhead i.e Lord Krishna and be in state of goodness.
      As we see it is also stated that Lord Shiva is the greatest Vaishnava.

      Also there is a good video which has 10 parts talking about God, Demigods and Incarnations. It is a wonderful video please do watch it. Here goes the link to the first one :
      • I think Even Lord Caitanya Himself visited a Shiva temple in Bhuvanesvara and composed a wonderful prayer to Lord Shiva. As long as we see such personalities as devotees, and in that way pray for their blessings and help in our relationship with Lord Krishna, there is no fault. The offense is only if we consider such demigods to be equal to or independent of Lord Visnu.
  • if u read anywhere lord vishnu worship to another demigod(lord shiva).. it not means that lord vishnu is not supreme personality, and another demigod is supreme perosnality.. u also read that lord krishna washed the feet of sudama.. then what u say???.. u also read that lord krishna became 'SARTHI' of arjun in Mahabharta then what will u say??? LOrd krishna is supreme perosnality.. HE loves HIS devotees... and take care of them if devotees completley surrendered to HIM....means Krishna loves us millions of multiples as we devotee love HIM.... we always pary to demigods plz give me bhakti of lord krishna.. and they r very nearer to lordkrishna as compare to us... and then they will approach to krishna for in our country there is a central goverment and state goverment folow the orders of central gov.. ya u see there r so many departments .. and all departments are controled by central gov.. so its krishna who control all other departments head(demigods)..
    and there r 2 rules in spiritual path
    begin and continue
    Begin with
    chant hare krishna harekrishna krishna krishna hare hare
    hare Rama hare Rama rama rama hare hare
    and be continue with mahamanter
    • you r correct that if krishna worships lord shiva or any other demogod doesen't mean that krishna is not the supreme personality.I do not deny the fact that krishna is the supreme but my question was by not worshipping or atleast respecting lord shiva aren't we indirectly disrespeting krishna? if one doesen't want to worship any demigod and just wants 2 worship krishna,there is nothing wrong in that.but as we are just ordinary human beings we hav got no right to disrespect or speak low about a demigod because they all are parts and parcels of lord krishna. krishna washed the feet of sudhama and showed that however great we are if a bramhan approaches us or a guest visits our house we must respect them and play the role of a host in a proper way . by becoming the saarthi of arjuna in mahabharata krishna showed the duty of a loyal friend to help his friend in trying times.krishna loves his devotees and his love can never be compared.lord rama worshipped lord shiva and built the temple in rameshwaram before going to fight with ravana.when rama , who is no ordinary human being respected a demigod we can or infact should respect a demigod even if we don't want to worship them.
      • hare Krishna!!
        it seems that you are little confuse about the position of 'lord krishna' and 'lord shiva'.
        Lord Shiva is great vaishnava and he always says that hari naam is the only way to go
        back to padm puran he said to sati devi-
        "aaradhananam sarvesham vishnoaradhana param."
        actually Lord Shiva is not like other Demigods.he is lord krishna himself .to understand
        it plz read the shloka 'kshiram yatha dadhi...........tamaham bhajami' from shri bramhasanhita.
        hari bol!!!
      • if we give respect or worship to Lord Shiva, we donot disrespect to Krishna.. Krishna is Supreme personality.. He knows everthing (ur bhava(feelings))...and u explained other demigods r all parts and parcel of lord krishna.. so if u worship another demigod..then ur respect at the end go to krishna....
        but u r more intelligent if u directly gives ur worship to Krishna..and leave this topic and start bhakti for krishna....
        • As we always take shelter of grait vaishnavas and saints,same way we can pray to lord Shiva to give you love and affection for 'lord Krishna'.
          Hari bol!!!!!!!
        • if u directly worship lord krishna .. it gives to respect to all demigods.. as u explained all other demigods r parts of kirshna. if u serve some food to ur stomach then other bodyparts also grow up and take nutrients from ur digestive system.. so if u worship to lordkrishna others demigod atains respect itself..Hare krishna
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