ek ladki ka rape hota hai..use rape kar k main road pe phek dete hai..aur koi kuch nai karta..bhagwan kaha the??vo use bachane kyu nai aye...mujse ye sab nai dekha jata..me bhagwan se bahut pyaar karti hu..aur vishwas bhi hai..aur vo meri har baat sunte bhi hai..par vo dusro ki help kyu nai karte??vo to unka farz hai nai humari raksha karna..???

  plzz dnt say ki usne last janam me kuch galat kiya....to kya hua..bhagwan ka farz hota hai..sirf farz hi nai vo to sab se pyaar karte hai na...??

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    • Teachings of Queen Kunti

      Chapter 6


      In this material world, everyone is generally using his senses for sense gratification. That is mäyä, illusion, and that is the cause of one's bondage. But when one comes to Kåñëa consciousness, when one becomes purified and understands that these senses are actually meant for satisfying Kåñëa, then he is a liberated person (mukta-puruña).

      ihä yasya harer däsye

      karmaëä manasä girä

      nikhiläsv apy avasthäsu

      jévan-muktaù sa ucyate

      "A person who acts in the service of Kåñëa with his body, mind, intelligence, and words is a liberated person, even within the material world."

      One should come to understand, "My senses are meant to serve the master of the senses, Håñékeça." The master of the senses is sitting within everyone's heart. In the Bhagavad-gétä (15.15) the Lord says, sarvasya cähaà hådi sanniviñöo: "I am seated in everyone's heart." Mattaù småtir jïänam apohanaà ca: "And from Me come remembrance, knowledge, and forgetfulness."

      Kåñëa is so merciful that if we want to use our senses in a certain way, He will give us the chance to do so. The senses are not ours; they are Kåñëa's, but Kåñëa gives us the opportunity to use them according to our desires. For example, each of us has a tongue, and suppose we want to eat stool. We may say, "Kåñëa, I want to taste stool," and Kåñëa will say, "Yes, take this body of a hog and eat stool." The master is present—Kåñëa. He will give us an appropriate body and remind us, "My dear living entity, you wanted to eat stool. Now you have the proper body in which to do so." Similarly, if one wants to become a demigod, Kåñëa will give one a chance to do that also. There are 8,400,000 forms of life, and if one wants to engage one's senses in a particular type of body, Kåñëa will give one the chance: "Come on. Here is the body you want. Take it." But eventually one will become exasperated by using one's senses. Ultimately one will become senseless. Therefore Kåñëa says, sarva-dharmän parityajya mäm ekaà çaraëaà vraja [Bg. 18.66]: "Don't act like this. Your senses are meant for serving Me. You are misusing your senses and are therefore being entrapped in different types of bodies. Therefore, to get relief from this tedious business of accepting one body and then giving it up to accept another and again another in continued material existence, just give up this process of sense gratification and surrender unto Me. Then you will be saved." This is Kåñëa consciousness.

      At the present moment, our senses are contaminated. I am thinking, "I am American, so my senses should be used for the service of my country, my society, my nation." Or else I am thinking, "I am Indian, and my senses are Indian senses, and therefore they should be used for India." In ignorance, one does not know that the senses belong to Kåñëa. Instead, one thinks that one has American senses, Indian senses, or African senses. This is called mäyä, illusion. In material life, the senses are covered by designations such as " American," "Indian," and " African," but when our senses are no longer contaminated by all these designations (sarvopädhi-vinirmuktam [Cc. Madhya 19.170]), bhakti begins.

      To think "I am an American. Why shall I take to Kåñëa consciousness and worship a Hindu god?" is foolishness. If one thinks, "I am Muhammadan," "I am Christian," or "I am Hindu," one is in illusion. One must purify the senses so that one can understand, "I am a spirit soul, and the supreme spirit soul is Kåñëa. I am part and parcel of Kåñëa, and therefore it is my duty to serve Kåñëa." When one thinks in this way, one immediately becomes free. At that time, one is no longer American, Indian, African, this, or that. At that time, one is Kåñëa-ized, or Kåñëa conscious. That is what is wanted. Therefore Kuntédevé says, "My dear Kåñëa, Håñékeça, You are the master of the senses."

      For sense gratification we have fallen into this material condition and are suffering in different varieties of life. Because this is the material world, even Kåñëa's mother was put into suffering. Devaké was so advanced that she became the mother of Kåñëa, but still she was put into difficulties by her own brother, Kaàsa. That is the nature of this material world. The living entities in this world are so jealous that if one's personal interest is hampered, one will immediately be ready to give trouble to others, even to one's nearest relatives.

      The word khala means "jealous." This material world is a world of jealousy and envy. I am envious of you, and you are envious of me. The Kåñëa consciousness movement, however, is meant for one who is no longer jealous or envious. By becoming free from jealousy and envy, one becomes a perfect person. Dharmaù projjhita-kaitavo 'tra paramo nirmatsaräëäà satäm (SB 1.1.2). Those who are jealous and envious are within this material world, and those who are not are in the spiritual world. Therefore, we can test ourselves. If we are jealous or envious of our friends or other associates, we are in the material world, and if we are not jealous we are in the spiritual world. There need be no doubt of whether we are spiritually advanced or not. We can test ourselves. Bhaktiù pareçänubhavo viraktir anyatra ca (SB 11.2.42). When we eat, we can understand for ourselves whether our hunger is satisfied; we don't have to take a certificate from others. Similarly, we can test for ourselves whether we are in the material world or the spiritual world. If we are jealous or envious, we are in the material world, and if we are not we are in the spiritual world.

      If one is not jealous, one can serve Kåñëa very well, because jealousy and envy begin with being jealous of Kåñëa. For example, some philosophers think, "Why should Kåñëa be God? I am also God." This is the beginning of material life—to be envious of Kåñëa. "Why should Kåñëa be the enjoyer?" they think. "I shall also be the enjoyer. Why should Kåñëa enjoy the gopés? I shall become Kåñëa and make a society of gopés and enjoy." This is mäyä. No one but Kåñëa can be the enjoyer. Kåñëa therefore says in Bhagavad-gétä, bhoktäraà yajïa: [Bg. 5.29] "I am the only enjoyer." If we supply ingredients for Kåñëa's enjoyment, we attain the perfection of life. But if we want to imitate Kåñëa, thinking, "I shall become God and enjoy like Him," then we are in mäyä. Our natural position is to provide enjoyment for Kåñëa. In the spiritual world, for example, Kåñëa enjoys, and the gopés, the transcendental cowherd girls, supply the ingredients for Kåñëa's enjoyment. This is bhakti.

      Bhakti is a relationship between master and servant. The servant's duty is to serve the master, and the master supplies whatever the servant needs.

      nityo nityänäà cetanaç cetanänäm

      eko bahünäà yo vidadhäti kämän

      (Kaöha Upaniñad 2.2.13)

      The Vedic literature informs us that Kåñëa can supply all the necessities for one's life. There is no scarcity and no economic problem. We simply have to try to serve Kåñëa, and then everything will be complete.

      If Kåñëa desires, there may be ample supplies. In America, for example, there is an ample supply of everything needed, although in other countries this is not so. For instance, when I went to Switzerland I saw that everything there is imported. The only thing supplied locally is snow. This is all under Kåñëa's control. If one becomes a devotee, one will be amply supplied with food, and if one does not become a devotee one will be covered with snow. Everything is under Kåñëa's control, so actually there is no scarcity. The only scarcity is a scarcity of Kåñëa consciousness.



  • i want to say here that just praying and keeping faith in god would not solve the problem . we need to implement his teachings. i think we need to go to the root of the problem. as humans we should educate the rapists and help bring them to the right path. why dont you open a civic organization and raise funds for education??





  • Volunteer

    my humble obeisances dear Devotees,

    As i understood as per my guess, the question is why it happened so with that innocent girl.

    So it is for sure the law of karma. What we do ourselves to others in our past life we get the reaction. It might be she was a butcher and used to kill cows cruelly and those men were cows who were killed....there might be many such like options but it is for sure the reaction for our sinful deeds which we did in the past. 

    Your servant,  

    • Volunteer

      because of that please! let's preach about the glories of the Holy Names and stop all these sinful deeds especially illicit sex where one kill a child, and cow killing, .....

      Or else this will continue life after life.

      Your servant, 

      • so u r telling that she was a butcher so she is suffering..killing cows is a sin in our religion bt nt in islam...and how can that be a sin??if she was a butcher it was her profesion...u do eat veg rite..so u r killing trees..god is every where even in trees...so if we dnt eat we will die...in the same way it was her profession..how can u say  that a butcher is a sinner..there is no other profesion left for him.and islam is also gud religion..and if u get the same punishmnt fr ur past karma..can u jst say that it was my past deeds..im sry..but i cant watch people suffer..it makes me feel sad...i realised that every single pain she suffered god too had sufferd the same pain..bcz he is within her..he must ave surely helped her...he cant watch ne of his child being n pain

        • We know that there are Traffic Laws, Criminal Laws, Labour Laws, Property Laws, Income Tax Laws, etc which needs to be followed, If we don’t than the concerned authority punishes us by different means.

          Similarly, We have Laws of Nature (Prakriti) and Shri Krishna is the Administrator who controls the nature. So when we break nature’s law we too get punished not only in this birth but in multiple birth depending on the magnitude of the crime we did but since we do not know what are the laws of nature so we do not recognize the reason of our punishment.

          Sangeetha Mataji, We dont know what Laws she broke so we can't comment on it and u say that it makes u feel sad.. but u cant help it.. u cant control anyone life. u talk to anyone about learning laws of nature and seek their reply.. i am sure that 1 out of 10 will be interested to know... No one wants to advance spiritually rather they will laugh on you. U can only learn from her mistake and pray for the departed soul. May she gets a better life.

          Hare Krishna.

          • i didnt knw wat r the laws..i just knw that she was in pain..thats d reasn i felt bad..and i dnt want to knw wat bad she did..but i knw god never leaves his child to suffer...muje pata hai ki kisi bhi tarah punish hona hi tha..vo me abhi samjhi...bcz me itni samajdar nai hu...muje to kuch pata hi nai rules kya hai..aur me ye bhi samjhi ki mere bhagwan uski madad karne zarur gaye honge..ye baat mujhe pata hai...mujhe unpe pura vishwas hai..pehle mujhe gussa aya tha..par ab samaj gayi

            • hare krishna mataji ,

              yes mataji , Krishna always loves his children , all are his children . Particularly he is compassionate to those who loves him and surrenders to him . So ,..it is safer for us also to be in his shade of compassion by surrendering to him , that that help eliminate such bad karmas. Mataji ,...when i read the whole story about the assault of poor student ,...i was also shocked and had the same question. I was feeling very sad that it should not have happned to anyone . But by seeing this i understood as how bad karma affect us and how this world is full of miseries. One thing is Krishna always cautions us , we must learn to listen to it. and should not ignore it . When i was reading the news ,..there was a statement by the boy that "he had a feeling that going in that bus is not good but still they continued to board that bus", that is where krishna cautions. Such surrender and bhakthi comes when one associates with his devotees . Also there was another statement in the story that ,after throwing them outside when they were unconscious the culprits tried to run the bus over her after sometime . But within that small period of time ,..the guy who was unconscious ,..regained consciousness and dragged her away from the street ,..else ,..both would have died and it could have been difficult to trace the culprits . So that is where Krishna was ! Culprits can never escape that easily . Even a small wrong action bears heavy consequences.Though we are unable to see them ,..it doesnt mean they can escape punishments . They are all  beyond our understanding and extremely torturous. So for us the safe aspect is to surrender to Krishna ,..Krishna himself tells this in bhagavad gita by Himself . "sarva dharmam parityaja ,..maam ekam sranam vraja , ahem tva sarva paapebhyo ,..mokshaishyami maa suchaha" . We are all souls ,..and we have been reaping karma ,..several several births and death cycles ,...each action bears a good / nt so good consequences . and one has to undergo them unfortunately . Thats why krishna tells to surrender to him , by doing so ,..he destroys our paapams (sins) and grants us moksham. 

              all glories to srila prabhupada and glorious devotees


        • we have been taught that one who asks a question must be intelligent enough and humble to receive knowledge from one who knows. So sometimes the best answer is not to answer. Hare Krishna.
          • hello if there is sme thng i want to say ...then yshldnt i tell that??and i  knw im nt intellignt .. everyone has right to say their opinion...mene aisa kyagalat bol diya jo aap aisa bol rhe ho??bcz meen jo bhi bola hai uska ek reasn hai..to aap boliye mene kya galat bol hai..agar aap mujhe samajenge to i will surely say sry fr that..instead u said nt 2 ans  

This reply was deleted.