ek ladki ka rape hota hai..use rape kar k main road pe phek dete hai..aur koi kuch nai karta..bhagwan kaha the??vo use bachane kyu nai aye...mujse ye sab nai dekha jata..me bhagwan se bahut pyaar karti hu..aur vishwas bhi hai..aur vo meri har baat sunte bhi hai..par vo dusro ki help kyu nai karte??vo to unka farz hai nai humari raksha karna..???

  plzz dnt say ki usne last janam me kuch galat kiya....to kya hua..bhagwan ka farz hota hai..sirf farz hi nai vo to sab se pyaar karte hai na...??

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    • i understand...thnx

      • thanku... so spritual advancement is neccesaary.... in past time people thiink about spritual advancement.... but now every one laugh when we talk about that.... so paap badega aagey

  • Sukh mein sumiran sab kare Dukh mein kare na koi

    Jo Sukh mein sumiran kare to Dukh ka te Hoye..

    I am a father of 2 cute Daughters of 1 & 5 years...

    My only concern is that they remain in Krishna Conscious.. That will save them from all danger and also from past misdeeds.

    As Tulsidasji Says in Ramcharitmanas

    "Kalyug Kewal Naam Adhara , Simar-Simar Nar Utarahin Para"

    As Chaitanya Mahaprabhu says

    "harer-nama harer-nama harer-namaiva kevalam kalau nasty-eva nasty-eva nasty-eva gatir anyatha"

    No other Means, No other Means, No Other Means...


    Hare Krishna

    Your aspiring Servant

    Ashish Jalan

  • aapne ek kahaavat toh suni hogi. "Bhagavan ke ghar der hai par andher nahin."

    Woh zaroor kuch na kuch karenge. Aap himmat mat haar na.

  • i feel ke logon ki aatma mar chuki hai us samay wahan jo log the wo apne sharirik kasht ko bachana chahte the, agar wo un dono ki madad karte to police chashmadid gawah to pareshan karti baar baar police station bulati bahut samay bhi lagta police station jana wahan baithna baar baar gawahi dena jisse gawah ko sharirik kasht hota...........to is tarah ke kasht se apne aap ko bachane ke liye insan apni aatma ki awaz ko maar deta hai.

  • Volunteer

    Supreme lord appears in order to (dhusta sikshana, shista rakshana) punish the evil doers and protect the devotees.

    If you want complete protection from the Supreme Lord Krishna, we must take shelter from Him and become His devotee.  

    We have to realize that even performing good Karma will also eventually drop us down to the hellish condition. Due to Kali prabhav, more and more evil things will take place as Kali yuga progresses.

    By the same token, Krishna becomes more and more easily accessible. What would take a thousand years of severe penance in Satya Yuga, can easily be achieved by performing Sri Krishna Sankirtana in the Kali Yuga.

    Ignorant, athiestic  rulers fail to realize that it is their duty to protect their citizen and that they, the rulers acquire 1/6th of the Karma of the citizen, both good and bad (Bhagavatam 5th canto). Demoniac representitives who are mostly Shudras, act devoid of Vedic knowledge.

    Just like Prabhupada encouraged Brahmanical culture in the west, because of lack of Brahmins in the society, we, India need to create some Shatriyas.

    Guru Nanak made an attempt to create such warriors, but much of his effort protected Indias borders from Yavanas/Malechas. Internally we need a Krishna conscious society to protect our citizen.

    Unfortunately, our leaders like Gandhi, Nehru etc thought that we need to imitate the Malechas, the Cow killers and that our Vedic culture as inferior and came up with democracy so we can be ruled by Malechas and greedy Corporations (yes, its coming if its not already there, just like in the United States).

    • jisne rape kiya vo to kuch hi din me riha hoke ache se ghumne lagega...usko to koi saza bhi nai mili..aur vo ladki mar gayi hai...aur protection mujhe nai chahiye...protection baki logo ko chahiye...muje to vo protect karte hai..par baki people bhi to unike hai na..us ladki ko jo kast mila na vo imagine karna bhi mushquil hai...govt to kuch nai karega...bhagwann to har jagah hote hai na to uski raksha kyu nai ki...she was inocent..

      • Volunteer

        Everyone, all the rapists,will receive punishment from the Supreme Lord. Bhagavatam clearly says that their are 100,000 hellish planets that are dedicated to chastise the spirit soul.

        According the Srimad Bhagavatam 1/6 of the Karma is received by the prime minister, Manmohan Singh, as well as Soniya Gandhi, all the way to MLA and MP. ALL of them will receive Karma from these actions.

        It seems unfair that Manmohan Singh, who is like the father for all Indian citizen, be given such bad Karma.

        Therefore, it is in Mr.Singh's / Sonia Gandhi, and other leader's best interest to hang these demoniac killers.

        In fact, hanging these rapists, is actually showing mercy on them. Because, if they receive punishment of their karma in this life itself, they can take the next birth with a clean slate and they dont have to be raped/killed by someone else in the next life.

        You seem very shaken. You need to understand that we are NOT the body. We are the spirit soul imprisoned within this body. This is Kaliyug we live in. This is only the beginning... things will only get worse.

        To reduce Kali prabhav, in any given area, we must perform Hari kirtan / Bhajan of Hare Krishna Maha Mantra.

        Be assured that all these killers/rapists will be chastised. They will not escape. Unfortunately, Karma does not mature immediately, which gives us the impression that they are escaping bad karma. When good karma runs out, even Indra will fall down to take birth as an ant.

        We must also give up meat eating. Or face being killed same way we killed a chicken... descriptions of hellish planets can be found in the 5th canto of Bhagavatam. Even Muslims/Christians are not allowed to kill by God. Thou shalt not kill is one of the the 10 Comandments (thats why they are not called 10 suggestions), which are meant to be followed by Christians, Jews as well as Muslims.

        Only time when they were permitted to eat meat (Noah) was right after the flood, when their was no vegetation left.

        Sleeping with a boy friend/girl friend or even drinking wine can take one to hell or hellish planets. So much for the propaganda of wine companies promoting wine for heart health ??

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