ek ladki ka rape hota hai..use rape kar k main road pe phek dete hai..aur koi kuch nai karta..bhagwan kaha the??vo use bachane kyu nai aye...mujse ye sab nai dekha jata..me bhagwan se bahut pyaar karti hu..aur vishwas bhi hai..aur vo meri har baat sunte bhi hai..par vo dusro ki help kyu nai karte??vo to unka farz hai nai humari raksha karna..???

  plzz dnt say ki usne last janam me kuch galat kiya....to kya hua..bhagwan ka farz hota hai..sirf farz hi nai vo to sab se pyaar karte hai na...??

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  • Hare krsna all... 

    This post was posted long time ago... I. E for nirbhayas case..... She was nt my frnd or relative.. I was nt into iskcon so I was hurt seeing the suffering of that girl... Bt thank u all for ur Concern... Hare krsna

  • hare krishna!

    I am really shocked with your friend's situation. 

    As a devotee, from my perspective, it does not matter what were her past karmas or what she was in her past life. Because in her present situation, she is in great trouble. And we should help her in any way we can rather than long discussions.

    I plea to all the devotees to chant 1 extra round of japa whenever they can. We must help her. And nobody knows what will going to happen to us in the next minute. 

    Please suggest her to do narasingha aarti everyday, everday. And please ask the pujari of narashimha dev at mayapur to do puja for her.

    Please ask her to do this. May lord bless her.

    Hare krishna!!!

    • hare krishna 

      dandawat pranam.

      long time we do not get any information from you. We are really concerned about you and your friend. Hope your friend's situation is getting better. Lord is with her. And we are also praying. And hope you are also doing well with spiritual and material life.

      hari hari!!!

    • Hare Krishna,

      I am sorry I was in mistake. Please appease your friend that devotees are with her.

      Is she doing narashimha aarti?

      Everything will be fine. Do not worry.

      Hari bol!!!

    • hare krishna,

      How is your friend now? Is she following what I said?

      Is that boy also a devotee? Why dont you talk with the temple authorities in this matter? If they had married legally then
      we are legally strong.

      • Hare krsnA

        Sry I didn't reply at all... And she is not my frnd or relative, I jst saw her on news... Nd it hurt me... Bt thank u fr worrying for her... I haven't been online at all... So I didn't reply.... She's dead now... Bt I hope she gets a better life and gets into kc....ty for ur concern... 

  • Volunteer

    Hare Krsna


    I may say somethings strongly but m saying this without any motive to hurt anyone.Plz forgive me if my words hurt anyone...

    when the boy put sindur on the forehead of the gal,he should have thought about all these problems. The boy should have had the common sense. These days boys want to please everyone, their parents, the future wife and so on.. If he wants to marry and he is following all principles of Bhakti by taking guidance from senior devotees, then what is stopping him. If his parents will leave him, be it.. why did he play with the life of that girl? is it fun? the curse that will go from the mouth of that gal is going to b very bad for the boy and his family. All this horoscope and things are not very important, for devotees astrology does not matter.

    I hope the boy gets some common sense and does what will please Krsna and devotees. His mother is not an acharya that whatever she says is right. He should take guidance from senior devotees and do accordingly. The loyalty to Krsna is above loyalty to anyone and everyone, be it home, family or lover...


  • Hare Krsna Pr Ji,

    If lord want then they will provide u true bhkati which is very difficult in this kalyug because we all are so ignorance, so when some one take shelter they will helping to remove ur past sins in his own way..

    No one can want to be sad or unhappy in his life, whether these anxiety given by another person or our self means when this anxiety comes u r in right way and ur hand and your soul is now protect by god...

    So that why all our Guru and rishi said us in this material world no one is fully happy, and all happiness of this material world is temporary, so we need to full time happiness which will never end and that happiness in Vakunth or Krsna Loka, and for this loka u have to completely purify ur soul as advice by our guru, rishi and sastra..

    and when u taste the sweetness of this spiritual world all ur happiness or sadness of this material world is in vain and than u self realize that for which i thing this or that or my self is happy is just a GLUT.

    So only we will help when we surrender 100% to lord...

    Hare Krsna

  • Hare Krishna ,

    Compare this incident with Draupadi Cheer Haran attempt ! Read that past time of Krsna . Compare and Find out the difference .

    I hope you will get your answer .

    I'm 100% sure that Nirbhaya was not Krishna Conscious , specially at that time .

    One more thing , Krsna , the Bhagawan , is not the the order carrier of the foolish ignorant .

    " We will not follow the orders . Rules and regulations . We will not read Bhagvad Gita . We don't like these devotees of God . We swear not to chant His holy names"

    And at the same

    "we expect that the omni-present Krishna should appear in the range of 450-700 nm range of material eyes vision range and should save us like a sincere servant so that we can continue to do all our nonsense activties "

    My dear Naga Sangeeta ji , its not possible .

    Thank you very much .
    Hare Krishna .
  • E-Counselor

    Hare Krsna Kiran PRabhu,


    I have read what you have written about your friend. She is surrendered today, yes. Pls remember that Mother Devaki was also a surrendered soul, still she had to see 6 of her new born children die in front of her, by her brother. Even after the lord appeared, He came back at the age of 12 to kill Kamsa. This means that approx 25 years of married life Devaki spent in the jail, after being Krsna's mother!

    When the astrological charts are saying that it is bad time, when the tide changes, things will turn in her favour, then she has no option but to tide over this bad period by constantly chanting the lord's name and finding her peace. She has to pray for strenght and patience to carry her through this period. Time and tide spare no one. Even devotees has to undergo the bad period and good period, as ordained at the time of birth. Maybe the time has come for her deliverance. It is said that the ninth month of pregnancy is the most difficult.

    According to me, she should simply pray to the lord to forgive her sins. THis way she is not asking anything specific. If you ask the lord anything specific, then you limit His mercy. His mercy is limitless. If she simply perseveres and prays, she will herself nto be able to gather the happiness the lord gives her at the opportune moment. Things will change in her favour like she can never imagine. She should ideally occupy herself and maybe find some employment so that she is financially independent.

    She has started to pray now - her anarthas may take time to dissolve. She should not lose heart and think of taking any extreme step. Association of devotees will help.



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