deity worship

Hare krsna

My respectful pranamas to all the great vaishnava devotees.

I have been doing deity worship daily , but im not satisfied with it, because it is not systamatic.

Can somebody tell me how exactly we are supposed to do it. what mantras to tell, i cannot sing well, so i only listen to bhajans.

But i would like to follow the systematic procedure of deity worship.

Can anybody tell me the procedure of thanking gurus, tulsi maata ji,devotees, Sakhis, Srimati Radheshwari maata ji, and our Lord Sri Krsna .

What mantras should we tell to all of Them.

And what should we pray in front of Krsna after the pooja , before pooja, before sleeping and after waking up etc.


Hare Krsna .


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