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Hare KRSNA Prabhuji!!!PAMHOPrabhuji actually I wanted to consult you regarding my deities... presently I’m in class 12 and is doing deity worship and chanting. My home altar is not big enough to accommodate the no. Of deities that I have right now.And the principal of our school is H.G. GOVIND MOHAN PRABHU( Mr Gaurav Bedi) (Ghaziabad ISKCON Rajnagar) , I’m in direct contact with him and he instructs me on KC. And sir told me to place Lord Jagannath On the platform on which Radha Shyamsundara are there and bring Panchtattva down, but Prabhuji I don’t have much space on the upper side and if I place all 3 of them there it will look congested( the Jagannath deities were made by me 1 1/2 years ago and there arent made of wood/metal , principal sir said that like the sample papers these are my practice deities and when they find me suitable they will bring original deities to my home and also said that Krishna is pleased with bhava) so I wanted to ask can I just keep Jagannath and Sudarshan on upper platform and do the visarjan of baladev and subadhra in the Ganges. I will install original deities whenever I’ve a bigger altar.Hari Bol

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  • Hare Krishna,

    If you ask my opinion.. I would never separate Jagannath ji from subadhra and baladev ji. I never saw Jaganntha ji without being accompanied by baladeva and subadhra ji. 

    I would donate to some other devotee in temple or some other relative who has a bigger altar to keep them. You can gift them as a gift to those people who really value it..not to any non devotee....or would give them to the temple authorities to better take care of them.

    Hare Krishna.

    • Hare Krishna Mataji, 

      Now I’ve made a little space for all three of them and in summer vacations I would do some modifications to the singhasana so that there is more space for the lordships. Thanks for guiding me and I really love them... Actually I saw only Jagannath ji being worshipped by a few devotees that’s why I asked it , but now I would nit separate them... 

      Hari Bol


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