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haribol and dandavata

For me jaganatha baladeva subhadra maharani deties had come in the gift recently and I cannot deny it coz they were meant for me and waiting for six months. M still confused to worship or not coz I cannot maintain that level of the standard that you or the seniors have been keeping on. Also in my family there is problem of foods as they use onion and the garlic, and they eat meat and use the utensils as per they want. Also even if the food is offered then they eat simultaneously as the offering is going on. Also I do have to stay a lot at temple sometime 2-3 days. Its true that time have come for me to become more serious and also phase of initiation but due to the family such behavior I am in deilima. Its true that after they become krsna conscious they will be fine but at this time what should I do????
At your service.  

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